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This section is reserved to Travel Agencies & Tour Operators or School Trips & Church Groups. It allows you to make reservations of the Skip The Line entrance to St Mark’s Basilica and entry tickets to Torcello Cathedral and to see your reservation list.

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NOTICE FOR SCHOOLS: following the entry into force of the obligation of electronic invoicing to public istitutions on 31 March 2015, we were forced to temporarily suspend our booking service reserved for schools before adapting our systems to this new legislation. At present schools can still book our services but in a different way, that is on the INDIVIDUAL TRAVELLERS SECTION of the service of interest through the following links and entering a PERSON instead of the school as the invoice holder:

Skip the line entrance to St. Mark's Basilica
Entry tickets to Torcello Cathedral or Museum

We hope we will manage to adapt our invoicing systems to the new legislation as soon as possible! In the meantime we apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to contact us for any further information.