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Privacy Statement (Law 196/03)

The information below relates to article 13 of the legislative decree dated 30 June 2003 number 196 which defines rules and regulations with respect to personal data handling and protection.


According to article 13 of the above mentioned legislative decree containing provisions related to the protection of personal data, we would like to inform you that all personal information given to us at the time you activated your chosen services will be used by Insidecom s.r.l. to provide you with customised services.


Insidecom s.r.l. will use your personal information for the purpose of providing you with customised services, as specified in detail in each service section, and will take all appropriate measures to guarantee that information is kept safe and secure, in respect of the above mentioned privacy law.


We will, therefore, ask you to consent to our collection of your personal information for the purpose of carrying out operations and services requested by you at the time of your registration.


1. Collection of personal information


1.1 This note relates to personal information provided to us via data entering forms in the following service pages:


a) Information request

b) Reservation request

c) Mailing list subscription

d) Newsletter subscription


Personal data that you provide us with will be recorded and stored on protected electronic media. Personal information will be handled exclusively for the purpose of providing you with the services you requested.


2. Purpose and handling of personal information


2.1 Information collected in the situations listed in a, b, c, d at point 1.1 above will be handled exclusively for the following purposes:


a) Collection, storage and handling for the purpose of initiating and maintaining, from an operational, administrative and financial point of view, of the contractual conditions for the delivery of the services offered through our web site;

b) Handling of information to communicate with you and carry out duties related to our contractual obligations with you.

c) Collection, storage and handling of information to carry out statistical and market analyses in an anonymous and/or aggregated manner.

d) Mailing, also via automated systems, of commercial information from Insidecom s.r.l.

e) Collection, storage and sharing of personal information with Law enforcement agencies in response to a request for information.


3. Provision of personal information


3.1 The provision of personal information is not mandatory. Failed or limited provision of personal information will make it impossible for Insidecom s.r.l. to proceed to the full delivery of the services you requested at the time of your registration.


4. Disclosure of personal information


Personal information we collect will not be disclosed or passed on to Third Parties unless when specified elsewhere in this statement or when we need to respond to legal requirements.


5. Accessing Personal Information


Reviewing and chancing of personal information. Article 7 of Act 196/2003 grants specific rights.


In particular:


5.1. Clients have the right to receive confirmation whether we hold their personal information, even when this has not been recorded yet, and to receive a copy in an intelligible form.


5.2. Clients have the right to obtain the following information:

a) how personal information was collected;

b) the purpose for which it was collected and how it is handled;

c) what electronic procedures if any are in place for the handling and storage of personal information;

d) identification details of the business owner, Chief Officers and Privacy Officer designated in accordance with article 5, point 2;

e) other entities or third parties to whom personal information might be passed on or that might gain access to personal information when representing legal authorities or Stare representatives.


5.3. Users are entitled to:

a) have their personal information updated, changed and amended at any time;

b) have their personal information erased, made anonymous or undisclosed when handled in an unlawful manner, including those situations when personal information is stored for purposes different to those it was originally collected and subsequently handled;

c) a declaration of statement that operations in point a) and b) above have been communicated, especially with respect to their content, to those whose personal information has been disclosed and shared, except for those situations when this obligation is unattainable or requires efforts that are disproportionate to the right being protected.


5.4. Users have the right to oppose, in full or partially, the following:

a) the collection of their personal information due to lawful reasons;

b) the handling of personal information for the purpose of advertisements, direct selling, market research and business communications.


6. Compliance Officer


The Compliance Chief Officer is as follows: Insidecom srl, Santa Croce 439, 30172 Venezia - E-mail: info@insidecom.it