Casanova Museum & Experience in Venice

Unfortunately the Casanova Museum & Experience has been closed. If you are interested in other places to visit in Venice, take a look at our 'entry tickets to the main museums and monuments of Venice' and book online!


Why visit Casanova Museum and Experience?

  • You will admire the first ‘experiential’ museum in the world dedicated to famous Giacomo Casanova
  • You will step into Canova’s shoes, the most famous womanizer of the Serenissima, thanks to engaging and jaw dropping multimedia tools.
  • You will get to know the best-kept secrets and stories of the great Venetian literary man through the exhibition of original period objects and autographed documents.


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 Every day from 10.00 to 18.30 (Last entry at 17.45)



Palazzo Malipiero, San Marco 3198, 30124 Venice

Palazzo Malipiero is located in Campo San Samuele, next to Palazzo Grassi on the Grand Canal.



Are you ready to step into Giacomo Casanova's shoes for 45 minutes? The Casanova Museum & Experience in Venice is not a museum like many others, rather a real interactive and joyful experience in the exciting world of eclectic and licentious Casanova, the undisputed protagonist of Venice in the 18th century and famous all over the world for having been, not only a great adventurer and womanizer , but also a writer, lawyer, clergyman, secret agent, alchemist, swordsman and much more! Even today his figure is shrouded in mystery and fascinates historian for his multifaceted character and for his compelling lifestyle which could rival any film in the present time.

The Casanova Museum in Venice is the first ‘experiential’ Museum in the world dedicated to the famous libertine at the times of the Republic of Venice and is housed in the splendid setting of Palazzo Malipiero, overlooking the Grand Canal in Campo San Samuele. Here young Casanova began to cultivate relationships with notables and intellectuals of the Serenissima, including Senator Alvise II Malipiero who was his ‘santolo’ (‘protector’ in Venetian dialect), until he was caught dallying with beautiful Teresa, the woman loved by the old senator who for this reason kicked him out of his house. How much mischief Giacomo Casanova must have been up to whilst staying at Palazzo Malipiero… And it will be a real thrill to admire the places he frequented so assiduously!

Visiting the exhibition at Giacomo Casanova Museum in Venice you will find yourself plunged into Casanova’s world thanks to magical virtual experiences, highly immersive installations and interactive exhibits, interspersed with moments of collective vision and individual enjoyment. Thanks to 3D technology you will wear Giacomo Casanova’s elegant clothes and be able to walk in historic Venice in the 1700s. Getting lost in hidden streets and squares, you will meet sensual ladies and enigmatic characters in the costumes of the time, experience the thrill of getting on a gondola and sailing in the intimate inner channels while remaining comfortably seated in your armchair!

The Venice Casanova Museum at Palazzo Malipiero, in addition to offering a highly engaging and exciting experience thanks to augmented virtual reality, will allow you to admire up close original historical testimonies of the Casanova era and life such as precious autographed documents, 18th century clothes, a spinet and a large lute... all this contributes to recreating the atmosphere of luxury and fun that could be enjoyed at the time but above all, to reconstructing the figure of the Venetian writer beyond the myth. The Museum of Casanova will lead you to discover even the most hidden sides of Casanova's soul, revealing his weaknesses, insecurities and anguishes.

Let yourself be seduced by the dissolute life of great Giacomo Casanova: relive his many trips to Europe, the exciting encounters with Tsarina Catherine II, Voltaire, the poet Baffo, Mozart, Pompadour, kings and queens and do not miss his daring escape from the prison of Doge's Palace in Venice thanks to the Casanova Museum in Venice!

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