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The National Archaeological Museum of Venice, Italy is a state museum, within the Superintendence for Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological circuit and for the City of Venice Museum Centre and the municipalities of the lagoon.

This page is intended as a starting point to discover the beautiful National Archaeological Museum of Venice - times, venue and collections. It gives you the ability to book online your visit and purchase tickets for the Museums of St. Mark's Square as well as National Archaeological Museum Venice tickets, and also have access to the Doge's Palace, the Monumental Rooms of the National Library of St Mark's and Venice Correr Museum, and the Museum Pass for the Civic Museums.
The location of the National Archaeological Museum of Venice is in St Mark's Square on the first floor of the Procuratie Nuove, next to the Correr Museum and the Monumental Rooms of St Mark’s Library.

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Archaeological Museum Venice - Visiting hours
From 26 March to 1 November:
10.00am – 7.00pm
From 2 November to 25 March: 10.00am – 5.00pm 
Closed: 25 December and 1 January

(Entry via Correr Museum)

Founded way back in 1523 following a donation from Cardinal Domenico Grimani to the Republic of Venice, the National Archaeological Museum in Venice hosts important original findings, mainly from the Greek-Roman age, in addition to the archaeological collection of the Correr Museum which boasts exhibits from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian antiques and also Greek, Etruscan and Roman art.


  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room I

Contains works from the Roman period, funerary steles and public inscriptions - mostly from Crete, and some male busts.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room II - Numismatic Collection

In the museum showcases, part of the rich numismatic collection is exposed (V century B.C.-XVII century): Greek coinage, Republican-Roman imperial coins minted in the provinces, examples of barbaric coinage and a collection of Byzantine coins from the V to the XIII centuries.  Renaissance medals and Republican money (late third century B.C.-27) are also on show.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room III - Sculptures from the first half of the fifth century. BC

On display are Roman copies of Greek works, now lost. Of particular interest: the 'twin' statues of the Caryatids - one from the island of Cres and the other discovered in Attica.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room IV - Original Greek works of the V and IV centuries B.C.

The room includes original examples of Greek sculptures, many of which retain traces of the Renaissance restorations removed at the start of the 900s. The figures cannot be identified with certainty: they are most likely to be votive statues from an island sanctuary.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room V - Sculptures of the V and IV centuries B.C.

Types and motifs of the Greek production of the IV century are illustrated with originals and Roman reproductions.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room VI - Greek Portraits and Roman reliefs

Portraits of the Hellenistic period (III-II centuries B.C.) which represent the main features of Greek portraiture, such as attention to symmetry and proportions based on geometric principles or designed according to the new optical and movement principles. Of particular interest: the Ara Grimani, original Hellenistic art possibly from Rome.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room VIII - Hellenistic Sculpture

In the sculptures of the Hellenistic period the neoclassical or archaic tendencies blend with pathos and naturalism. Of particular interest: the group of Venetian Galatians, part of the collection that Domenico Grimani had formed with works coming largely from some land he owned in Rome.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Rooms IX and X - Roman portraits

In this room the various aspects of Roman portraits are presented in relation to the iconography of the imperial family. There are also portraits of the XVI century that reflect iconographic and stylistic forms of the Roman era. Of particular interest: the female portraits in which it is possible to see the evolution of the hairstyles according to the fashion at the time.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room XI

Dedicated to the funerary sarcophagus with figurative decoration in relief on three sides. As for the scenes depicted, it should be noted the use of themes that were already developed in the Hellenistic period.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room XII

Of particular interest: the 'capsella of Samagher', ivory and silver reliquary decorated with subjects of Christian characters, dating from the V century A.D.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Room XIV

Funerary art from the Roman-imperial age: altars and urns with relief decorations, sides of sarcophagi, vases, marble replicas of the originals in metal.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice – Room XV

In this hall Greek and Italic pottery (IX-III century B.C.) – mostly deriving from burials and funeral monuments of the Roman period.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Rooms XVII-XX

These rooms house several artefacts from various sources, grouped together in the Egyptian-Egyptian style section: finds of funerary and Templar character - mummies, vases, figurines, votive bronzes, a scalloped stele and statues of the Late Period (712-332 B.C.); and in the Oriental section: cuneiform inscriptions dating from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, Assyrian reliefs from Nineveh and Nimrud and funerary and votive reliefs of Oriental-Greek origins. Also noteworthy: 'From the Nile to the Archaeological Museum' - a themed display to follow the findings related to Egypt through the different rooms - and the showcase 'Religion and Magic' - a sort of connection between the 'Egyptian style' Greek-Roman artefacts and the next Oriental-Egyptian section, which preserves several examples of amulets and two magical steles.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Rooms XVII and XVIII - Sculptures from the archaeological collection of the Venice Civic Museums

Of particular interest: important Greek-classic originals; the lions from the entry of the Arsenal, some male portraits – a synthesis between the traditional Egyptian sculptural forms and the iconography modules of the Roman- republican portrait; Roman copies of Greek originals.

  • Archaeological Museum Venice - Public Statuary

Housed in the Entry Room of St Mark’s Library – the ancient headquarters of the Public Statuary of the Serenissima – it reproduces the original display of the museum reconstructed according to the drawings of Anton Maria Zanetti ‘il Giovane’.

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Family with children

Booking No. 1921886

Reviewed on 16 Jun `19

'St Mark's Square Museum Tickets'

Bought the tickets online before starting from India. The tickets saved us a lot of valuable time while entering, since one did not have to queue to get in. A great experience.


Ease of transaction



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Mature couple

Booking No. 193697

Reviewed on 14 May `19

'Doge Palace'

Seamless way to buy tickets! Would certainly use this service again.


Ease of purchase and redemption of voucher.



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Mature couple

Booking No. 1911450

Reviewed on 10 Apr `19

Service sold by a Distribution Partner of Insidecom srl

'Useful hints'

Erika gave to us a lot of hints and the possibility to book in advance and without queue Sam Marco and the boat to the islands. Great!

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Young couple

Booking No. 191557

Reviewed on 07 Apr `19


Good experience

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Family with children

Booking No. 18201793

Reviewed on 12 Nov `18

'nice view'

the skip the line ticket is efficient but time is time. It's not possible to go up the tower even if you are earlier and if there is not to much queue. But the view over venice worths it.

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Family with children

Booking No. 1829789

Reviewed on 21 Jun `18


We really enjoyed the museums we went through all of them. It is well worth the extra euros to see the treasures, hard to believe that these have been around so long

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Mature couple

Booking No. 1834444

Reviewed on 18 May `18

'Money well spent'

We had VIP access. We were able to just walk up at our appointment time and go in, while others were waiting in long lines.

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lab rat

Solo traveler

Booking No. 189127

Reviewed on 09 May `18


I thought it was a 'skip-the-queue' ticket but the queues at the Doges Palace were very bad


great for the other museums


I thought it was a 'skip-the-queue' ticket but the queues at the Doges Palace were very bad - quite annoying.

Reply by Staff

Dear Lab Rat,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for the misunderstanding but nowhere in our website we present the Museum Pass as a skip-the-line pass.

As we speciefied on the website, in the Important information section, the ticket must be collected at the ticket office of the first museum you visit (allowing time for a possible queue at the ticket counter).

“Once you have the ticket, you can have access to other museums by presenting the ticket at the entrance, without having to queue again at the ticket offices. If you wish to collect the ticket at the Doge's Palace, please remember to go to the 'Ticket Office Groups Only' desk: you must respect the possible waiting times, that are usually shorter compared to the waiting times at the other desks. Anyway, we suggest you to collect your ticket in one of the other museums included in the Museum Pass since they have less visitors than the Doge's Palace and therefore the waiting times are usually reduced.”

We are sorry you did not read it!

Best regards,
The staff
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Booking No. 17207908

Reviewed on 28 Nov `17

'Doge's Palace'

Stunning Building full of history and wonderful architecture, paintings, etc. Well worth a visit but better to book on-line and take your ticket with you.


Gorgeous building, a MUST on your visiting list to Venice.



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Mature couple

Booking No. 17208926

Reviewed on 26 Nov `17

Service sold by a Distribution Partner of Insidecom srl

'En vaut vraiment la peine !'

Cela vaut la peine d'acheter le billet à l'avance, la visite du Palais des Doges est magnifique et cela donne l'occasion de visiter les autres sites de la place St-Marc. Il faut juste imprimer l'email et l'échanger au guichet des billets une fois sur place.


Billet combiné et pas de queue


Il faut imprimer l'email

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