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Please note that from August 6, 2021 the admission to the Church and Museum of Torcello will be allowed only to users with a valid Covid-19 Green Certification (Green Pass or valid certifications). The staff is allowed to control the Certification and a valid identity document. Children under the age of 12 are exempted and those who, for proven health reasons, cannot get vaccinated on the basis of appropriate medical certification.


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Note: restoration work on the central apse is currently underway in the Basilica and therefore the apse will not be visible. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Basilica Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello - OPENING HOURS

from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm


The Basilica di Torcello and the nearby Church of Santa Fosca are the last remaining examples of the ancient Torcello church in Venice, precious witnesses of the glorious past of the island which, before the advent of Venice, was the main point of reference in the Venetian lagoon.

Symbol of faith and history on an island where nature plays an important role, the Torcello Basilica in Venice will show you the more intimate side of Venice and in some ways its ‘beginning’.

Built in 639 as a result of the transfer of the Episcopal seat of Altino, the Torcello Cathedral in Venice was enlarged in 1008 and dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, epithet from which the name of Santa Maria Assunta is derived.

The majesty of this basilica, in which everything seems shaped to create a perfect marriage between art and spirituality is reflected in every detail, from the way the light wraps around the interior and the beautiful columns that divide the space into three naves to the brightness of the marble. Even the floor, composed of multicoloured tiles that make up a game of precious diamonds, wheels, petals and intricate geometric intersections, seems like a fine rug laid in honour of the solemnity and sacredness of this church dedicated to Mary. When entering this majestic church you will be welcomed by the Virgin, immortalized in an extraordinary thirteenth-century mosaic with a gold background that covers the entire central apse of the basilica.

It is by the beautiful mosaics that adorn the interior of the basilica that the profound message of faith left by the artists who decorated the ancient cathedral will come to you in all its intensity. Inside, the Basilica di Torcello contains one of the most important mosaic cycles in northern Italy, a veritable treasure trove of Torcello Byzantine church art that has spanned the centuries so that we can admire it in all its immense splendour. Among the mosaics stands the large representation of the Last Judgement: an exciting visual narrative, in different levels from top to bottom, which calls for a profound meditation on life after death. Located on the counter-façade of the basilica, this mosaic catches your eye and touches your soul.

But the mosaics are not the only valuable Byzantine art that remain ... The whole structure of Torcello’s cathedral in Venice reveals an unbreakable bond with the Eastern Church, from the presence of a valuable iconostasis, which divides and separates the sanctuary from the rest of the church. You can get in touch with the fascinating Byzantine culture admiring the images of the iconostasis, with the apostles and the Virgin and Child, and the marble banisters that enrich the bottom of the structure with fine representations of Biblical animals, before raising your eyes to the great fifteenth-century wooden crucifix above the structure.


The top priority of Torcello Basilica is the health and safety of its visitors so so we have implemented measures to comply with the law and consequently ask our visitors to adhere to a few simple rules:

- a maximum of 60 people can enter the Basilica at the same time;
- disinfect your hands before entering the Basilica;
- wear a facemask and maintain the safety distance of at least one meter from other visitors;
- avoid crowds.

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