Veneto, where wonders are at home

Choosing the Veneto means selecting a destination. Experiencing the Veneto signifies many things: such is the quantity of treasure here kept. Today every type of holiday is possible in the Veneto, because in a land 210 km in length we find all the beauties of nature and the summits of man's artistic achievements.

Here it is possible to admire the world from the peaks of the Dolomites or plunge into the deep blue of a sea steeped in history, to trace the epochs in ancient cities or enjoy invigorating lake air. Here one can love culture, relax and enjoy health cures the Romans knew of, sample traditional cuisine and customs, practise sport in close contact with nature in all her forms. Here one can count on the efficiency and quality of the services.

Coming to the Veneto means all this and much more... the aim of the site is to help you decide if your destination is to be the Alps for skiing or the shores of the Adriatic for relaxation. The art of Venice, Verona, Padua or the unspoilt and wild natural beauty of the Po delta.

Veneto is the land that enchants: come and discover it!

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