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Albarella Golf Club

Albarella Golf Club

Albarella Golf Club has a 72 par, a 123 slope rating and a 71,4 men and 73,5 women course rating. The route stretches over a surface of 70 hectares and it is 6120 m. It is characterized by a series of natural hazards such as water ponds and sandy dunes thus putting a strain on the players' ability. Wind, too, plays a role since it affects the way the ball fly. Playing while hearing the voice of the wind making the waves break on the rocks and on the beach is anyway something unique. The beach surrounds the whole course.

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The designer respected the flat nature of the area but he managed to make the course more thrilling by creating delicate green and tricky bunkers. But there's something more to it for golf players passing the Club House to approach the course: Fallow deer flocks grazing peacefully in the wild, heedless of players practicing and wanting the ball to fall right into the hole next to them. Surprises are not over yet. During golf matches it can often happen to see some pheasants staring at the ball landed in the rough or some young hares waiting for you to strike your ball. You can stand there enjoying the scenic view of those nice animals or you just need to whistle and they'll disappear. These amazing views won't have a great impact on your concentration: they simply are unforgettable memories.

To recover and relax after a match there's nothing better than resting on the panoramic terrace of the club House to enjoy the prize-giving ceremony. The terrace faces the course and the big putting green. Albarella Golf Club has hosted many important golf events throughout these years, such as the International Open of Italy (1986), and the 5th BW Ladies Open' (1981),which was attended by the best international players, also attracted by the particularly considerable prize-money. Additionally, the Albarella Golf Club has also hosted 17 PGAI Tournaments attended by the best national players and , in 1998, one of the six Italian stages of the Challenge Tour. From March to December the golf tournaments organized in Albarella are always very successful: it hosts some of the most important national stages and their final matches.

It is the ideal place for professional and amateur players to practice. It has hosted the Federation summer camps for juniors, the patented junior clinics courses; golf courses both for beginners and advanced learners are run in spring and autumn.

That's the peculiarity about Albarella Golf Club: you can always play, all year long.