Caorle is a splendid city on the shores of the Adriatic which provides ample opportunities for cultural as well as beach tourism.

Holidays in Caorle are ideal for those relishing not only the traditions of the seaside of Veneto, but also the evidences of the past events occurred in this town, which invites tourists to enjoy highly interesting historic and cultural visits. It was a Roman port, and it was here during the 5th century A.D. that the inhabitants of Julia Concordia sought refuge from the invading barbarians. A patriarchal seat until 1818, it became a Venetian possession in the 1400s.

Today the historic town centre spreads out around the Via Terrà, a street full of shops and cafès. Losing oneself on walk through the unique atmosphere narrow lanes and streets lined with brightly-painted houses, 'campielli' (small squares) with restaurants and bars is a pleasure, finally arriving at the cliffs which culminate at the east in the sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo, a temple practically situated in the sea itself, which houses an effigy of the Virgin reputedly retrieved from the open sea by local fishermen.

The great open-air attraction of the town is undoubtably the Piazza Vescovado, from which the Cathedral of Santo Stefano rises in all its grandeur. Just a little way from the duomo is the splendid cylindrical bell tower with its conical peak, a symbol of Caorle. The inside of the church offers the visitor the sight of its 15th century crucifixion, and the main altarpiece, a masterpiece of silver and panel. Once can easily understand how booking holidays in Caorle happens throughout the year and not solely in the summer.

With its careful attention to the preservation of the artistic gems it preserves, Caorle also has adapted to modern tourism. Holidays in Caorle are suited to both families and young people looking for additional entertainment after spending a day on the beach. The outskirts of the town give way to the ample expanses of beach - Levante and Ponente - for a total of 15 km, and the latest sporting facilities and a wet dock for nautical pursuits are also evident.

The nearby tourist centres of Duna Verde and Porto Santa Margherita are also well equipped, the latter especially for maritime pastimes, thanks to its wet dock, one of the largest in Europe. The lagoon much cherished by Ernest Hemingway is an absolute must for the visitor, with its typical chalet-style houses. Today booking a holiday in Caorle occurs throughout the year and many local attractions can also be visited outside of the hot summer period.

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