Cavallino - Punta Sabbioni


The Litorale del Cavallino is a magnificent example of balance between man and nature, an oasis which is also famed outside Italy for its fascinating nature reserve. At the division of the Adriatic and the lagoon, Cavallino's 15 km of white sandy beaches extend along a peninsula bathed in limpid waters.

This stretch of land terminates at the Faro di Punta Sabbioni, which is the main access point to the lagoon: a splendid view of nature, where the sandy shores, flora and birdlife share their territory with the cultivation of the best vegetables in the zone.

These are places which exude history and tradition: the fisherman of these parts still work according to the customs of the past, and with complete respect for the environment. With this in mind it is strongly recommended to take a trip, by bicycle or boat, to admire the salt basins of the fishing valleys, and the striking wooden constructions of the 'valley houses' and peocere, where mussels are farmed.

Litorale del Cavallino is dotted with fascinating lagoon villages almost until Punta Sabbioni, among which may be mentioned Ca' Savio, Ca' Vio, Tre Porti and Lio Grando, all of which offer exquisite hospitality.

But not only nature: comfort and attention cater for all the holidaymaker's needs: Cavallino, with its more than twenty fully-equipped campsites, is a camper's paradise, yet also is not lacking in hotels of all levels, holiday resorts, and a shopping centre complete with shops, restaurants and discos, ensuring a perfect combination of entertainment and relaxation for all tastes.

Once here one must try the excellent typical cuisine, with their succulent rice and seafood dish first courses, and sophisticated main courses which mix the taste of fish with the delicate flavours of the local vegetables.

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