Sottomarina and Isolaverde


The historic town of Chioggia rounds off its tourism possibilities with the beach resort of Sottomarina, suitable for all the family as well as those looking for entertainment and sports.

The stretch of beach which lies to the south of the lagoon has a long history: known to the ancients as Cludia Minor it was razed to the ground in 1379 during the 'War of Chioggia'. Very little of it remains, though this notwithstanding the old centre is still well worth exploring, with its narrow streets and alleyways running off via San Marco and the Lungomare Adriatico, to see the famous 'three columns'.

The surrounding land, in the past uncultivated and covered by forestland, was found in the early Middle Ages to be perfect for growing vegetables, still grown today in the area known as Isolaverde, lying at the intersection of the rivers Brenta and Adige, and which provides a haven for tourists to get in touch with nature (particularly atmospheric are the numerous cycle paths through it).

Its tradition as a beach resort goes back only as far as after the Second World War, though the first signs date back to 1892 thanks to the local doctor Francesco Boscolo. Between 1763 and 1770 the embankments were constructed to defend the entire shore. The beach at Sottomarina runs for 10 km and reaches up to 300 m deep, though its real characteristic feature is the mineral composition of the sand: augite, quartz, silicate and mica. This combination, together with the light breeze which regularly passes over the sands, permits a rapid and long-lasting tan, as well as possessing curative properties.

A vast variety of sports and activities are available, from aquatic and nautical (windsurfing, canoeing to name but two) to football, volleyball, tennis and horseriding, all on offer using new and fully efficient facilities. There is also no lack of competitions, cultural events, firework displays and fashionable restaurants and bars, as well as every type of accommodation, from camping to deluxe hotels. The best fish (thanks to the famous market at Chioggia) and most delicious vegetables entice the visitor with traditional local delicacies.

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