Venice Lido


Also known as the Venetians' beach, who have chosen it as an exclusive residential zone, it represents the largest sandy strip separating the lagoon from the Adriatic. One-time base of the Doges, at the beginning of the 20th century it became one of the most fashionable European seaside destinations, attracting intellectuals and royalty from all corners of the globe.

Holding true to its proper vocation, even if nowadays the range of tourist options is decidedly augmented, the Lido is today dotted with holiday villas and luxury hotels which arise between the green of the lagoon and the blue seas. The sandy shores, with their typical bathing huts in the style of the early 1900s, are always well-kept and clean, and days spent at the beach here possess a particular charm, their ease contrasted with the nightlife: the parties, the gaming table at the Municipal Casino of Venice, and the restaurants with their delicious fish dishes.

The only island in the lagoon to be equipped with roads suitable for vehicles, it can thus be explored in several ways, though perhaps the best of these to fully appreciate and enjoy the old-world atmosphere is to travel by bicycle. Having said that, a pleasant walk along the main strip, the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, with its plethora of shops and bars, is certainly not to be ignored.

Since September 1932 the Lido has been the chosen site for the International Cinematographic Exhibition, where for ten days the great names of the world of entertainment congregate.

The island also boasts a splendid world famous 18-hole golf course , and at the opposite end (the northern extremity) a commercial airport. In addition there are two areas of natural beauty of enormous value: the WWF Oasis at Alberoni and the LIPU reserve of Ca' Roman.

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