The climate of the Veneto: a miniature Europe

From the arctic cold of the Dolomites to the mild Adriaticcoast, the Veneto's area of 18000 km2 contains all the temperatures of Europe. The climate of the Veneto is sub-continental, though the presence of the sea and the Alps protecting it from north winds makes it completely temperate, and thus pleasurable to visit at any time of year.

There are two principal climactic zones: the alpine region, characterised by cool summers and cold winters with frequent snowfalls, and the hill and plain areas where the climate is moderately continental. The two coastal areas, along the Adriatic and the Garda lake, give a warmer climate.

Generally autumn or winter are the best seasons for a visit to one of the historic city centres, though winter does not present any particular limitations, while summer is certainly the best time for a seaside visit. The mountains with their numerous delightful inhabitations are recommended in summer for their location, for sports and sightseeing, and in winter for ski-lovers. Lake Garda is in a category all by itself: thanks to its warm climes it can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year.