Hills & Wine areas


Among the many natural and artistic marvels of our region, the hill area features prominently: an area near and yet apart, whose fascination lies in the authenticity of its traditions, which have escaped the onslaught of progress, remaining faithful to their origins. In the hills of the Veneto the history, tastes and aromas and its health culture await you in a unique and magical scenery.


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Here you can find everything you need to discover the places which preserve intact the sincerity of centuries-old tradition. All products from the region arise from centuries-old knowledge, such as the medieval monasteries which have greatly contributed to the land's famous wine culture.

In fact the Veneto produces more prestigious wines - both in quality and quantity - than all the other Italian regions. The most important wines produced in Verona are Soave, Valpolicella and Bardolino. In the area of Breganze (province of Vicenza) Vespaiolo, Torcolato and Cabernet di Maculan are produced. Among the DOC - the guarantee of quality certification - we may highlight: Bardolino Bianco di Custoza, Breganze Cabernet di Pramaggiore, Merlot di Pramaggiore, Colli Berici, Colli Euganei, Gambellara, Lugana, Montello and Colli Ascolani, Piave, Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and Durello dei Lessini.