East Verona: Soave


This tract of nature, situated in the eastern hills of Verona, contains centuries of history. A history consisting not only of monuments but also nature and the wine famous throughout the world: Soave wine. As well as the outstanding natural beauty of the rolling hills dotted with castles, villa and ancient rural churches, the winemaking culture offers a glimpse at the centuries-old traditions of the land, embodied best along the Soave wine route.

The three interconnecting valleys Illasi, Mezzane and d'Alpone have given rise to one of the most representative tastes of the Veneto, the Recioto and Soave wines. In your Verona holiday you can find one of the largest vine growing areas in Europe, with 6600 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of the Garganega and Trebbiano grapes, the 'gold' of the gastronomy of Soave. There are a total of 13 centres which devote their lives to winemaking on the hills, and each also houses its own magnificent monuments and charm, enchanting places in which to enjoy your holiday. The eastern hills are one of the sources of pride of the Veneto as they contain an atmosphere to be found only here; its food and wine are also unique.

A Verona holiday is a great part of the Veneto experience with its myriad attractions: a visit to the eastern hills, the food and wine, the Soave wine route, the taste of Soave, Recioto di Soave and all the other prized Soave wines. A Verona holiday is certainly an original way to experience the Veneto, a way to really meet the area and its people.

Following the Soave wine route allows you to sample the food and wine, the hills, the natural beauty, each with its own particular flavour. The pleasures of the table combine with the enjoyment of nature, of history, culture and art, transforming one sinlge interest into an all-round and perfect holiday. For those who appreciate good food and wine, art and relaxation, immersed in nature or surrounded by great hospitalty, this is the route to follow! A Soave food and wine holiday: the gastronomy of the Verona hills is one of the highest values not only of the Veneto but of the whole country.

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