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Winery Corte Adami

Via Circonvallazione Aldo Moro, 32 - 37038 Soave (Vr), tel +39 0457680423 - info@corteadami.it

Corte Adami is the property of the Adami family: a name that, by tradition and by passion, identifies a family dedicated to grape growing for generations.

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Corte Adami is the property of the Adami family: a name that, by tradition and by passion, identifies a family dedicated to grape growing for generations. The first certain sources relating to the Adami family date back to the 1600's. Even at that time, quality agriculture was practiced wherever the land was suitable, producing grapes for the best wine cellars in the area. The story of Corte Adami underwent a change in 2004, when Andrea, agrarian and owner of the holdings, helped by his father Angelo, started growing grapes for their own winemaking on 12 of their 36 hectares.

The care and attention that the family has always dedicated to the work in the vineyards are now also dedicated to the various winemaking phases. The improvements made to the autochthonous vines, the short pruning, the spacing of the grape bunches and the Veronese pergola system work together to present wines bestowed with mineral and floral tones, with unmistakable fragrances and aromas, that make Soave a wine that rises above mere trends.

Soave DOC is one of the most famous Italian wines in the world, and has rightly been considered as such since ancient times. In 1931 Soave was the first among Italian wines acknowledged as a 'typical and excellent' wine, and the area where it was grown was the first typical area to be recognized in 1936. Its identity was definitively confirmed when the DOC was awarded in 1968. In 1998 the DOCG was awarded to the Recioto di Soave, the first wine from the area to boast this distinction.

Corte Adami's 13 hectares are situated in the heart of Castelcerino, a hilly area that is fully within the Soave DOC zone. Thanks to the good position, the special microclimate and the soil characteristics, the slopes of these hills have always been dedicated to the production of fine wines. Since the area is vast and rather homogeneous, a micro-area was recognized and identified by the cru Vigna della Corte, the best of the wines that we produce.

The grapes from the 12 Castelcerino hectares are made into wine in the cellar that was inaugurated in 2004; this is a state-of-the-art, highly technological structure. This is where all the steps that are required to make wine come together: from pressing and crushing the grapes up to storing the bottles. Our virtual tour starts with the pressing line, where the grapes are received and pressed. Next to the hydraulic presses used to soft-press the grapes are the steel tanks for the fermentation and conservation of the wines: this is where the must is kept and where the actual winemaking takes place. A portion of this area is dedicated specifically to drying out the Recioto di Soave grapes. Each year approximately 2500 crates are transferred here, each crate weighing approximately 5 kg. In order to guarantee the best drying conditions, the entire area has been equipped with ventilation and humidity control systems. Then comes the underground cellar, used for refining the wines: this is where the wines are born and mature, where the aromas and fragrances are defined and excellence is affirmed. The small French oak casks (each containing either 225 liters or 500 liters) rest here. Wines are stocked in the cellars. The wines thus produced are constantly kept at a controlled temperature of 18°C until they are sold.

Recommended Wines:

  • Soave DOC: 90% garganega, 10% trebbiano di Soave. Color: straw yellow with reflections that tend towards greenish. Nose: rich and enveloping with fragrances that bring field flowers to mind and ripe yellow fruit. Palate: fresh, soft with good acidity and lengthy persistence, round and velvety. Serving temperature: 12°/13°C.
  • Recioto di Soave DOC: pure garganega. Color: intense straw yellow with amber reflections. Nose: intense and complex fragrance of acacia honey with floral and citrus hints. Palate: velvety, harmonic bouquet, full-bodied and pleasantly almondy. Serving temperature: 14°C.
  • IGT white Veneto 'Bastia': pure garganega. Color: straw yellow color, tending to greenish. Nose: very intense fragrance of white flowers with mineral aromas. Palate: soft supported by a good acidity, with a flavorful and persistent mineral closing. Serving temperature: 10°/12° C.
  • Soave DOC Vigna della Corte: pure garganega. Color: straw yellow with greenish highlights. Nose: broad and spicy fragrances with toasted and vanilla notes, fresh and attractive fruit (apple and pear). Palate: juicy structure with good acidity and length, ending with vanilla and nut notes, flavorful and pleasant. Serving temperature: 13°/14°C.