Euganean Hills


The Euganean Hills, an isolated range of volcanic origin which reach up to 601 m at its highest point (Monte Venda), are to be found south-west of Padua, and endow the region with a unique characteristic, containing natural, historic and artistic treasures as well as containing some of the most important culinary delights and health spas in the whole of the Veneto region.

Spending a Veneto wine holiday means a vacation surrounded by the art of its many towns, museums and churches, the natural beauty of its own national park, and the fitness and beauty of its spa culture: the gastronomy of the Euganean Hills, together with a wine tasting in Veneto, encapsulate every attraction of the province.

Sights in the area include the thermal complex of Montegrotto with its baths and canals dating back to Roman times, the 17th century Villa Barbarigo at Valsanzibio which conjures up fantasies with its baroque gardens, the Museum of Canal Navigation at Battaglia, the magic of Arquà Petrarca, a town in which time appears to have stopped in the Middle Ages, and which contains the traces and haunts which the great poet loved at the end of his life, the oriental-style fortress of Catajo, the Geopalaeontological Museum of Cava Bomba at Cinto Euganeo, the 11th century abbey of Praglia where the monks dedicate themselves to the restoration of ancient manuscripts and the preparation of medicinal herbs. Other sites to be visited are the Castles of Monselice, of Valbona, of Este, and the medieval walls of Montagnana.

Along the hills can be found olive plantations and vineyards producing optimum vintages: 11 of these have been awarded the prestigious DOC certification. Following the wine route Strada del Vino dei Colli Euganei we can visit the excellent wine shops and cellars. In every drop of Euganean Hills wine you can taste the love, dedication and evocation of the Veneto.

The ancient Euganean Hills wine tradition collects each civilization and culture which contributed to define the tradition itself. This leads to a very unique taste, which describes ourselves and our land better than an history book. There is even a particular 'wine route', taking in some of the most attractive villages and towns: the Euganean Hills Wine route, covering 72 km of countryside, flavour and emotions for your Veneto wine holiday.

Over the years the area has developed a particular brand of tourism, catering for those connoisseurs or the merely curious to discover its special food and drink. If you are looking for a holiday which enables you to learn and enjoy those tastes and flavours, a Veneto wine holiday allows you to appreciate the meticulous activity involved in each bottle of Euganean Hills wine in a quiet and relaxing environment full of new and genuine experiences.

The area owes its special qualities to its particular climate and terrain, which gives its wines (from the classic Cabernet and Merlot to the local Pinello and Serprino) an instantly recognizable characteristic.

Thanks to its privileged location, with all major attractions lying at equal distance, an Euganean Hills wine tour allows you to experience all its wonder with the additional advantage of sampling its delights of wine and gastronomy. Even the longest day seeing all the sights simply gives you more pleasure in relaxing over the food and drink and fine wine amid the tranquility of nature. The gastronomy of the Euganean Hills also means authentic Padovan cuisine, as distinct from its accompanying rustic and folk elements: no matter when you decide to plan your vacation, each season offers new delights.

Spend a Veneto wine holiday and discover a fascinating and special world!