Treviso Hills / Eat, drink & shop


Treviso vineyards are home to a special wine famous throughout the world: the wines of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano which, together with all the other wines of the March, play an important role in the international enology sector.

The ‘March of Treviso’ vineyards lie in a superb location, encircled by mountains and the lagoon. The wines of this area embody art and nature: a visit to Treviso wineries is not a simply gastronomic experience, but a tour through the history and culture of the region itself.


Wine tastings include many whites for which the lands around Treviso are famous, and reds which, although smaller in number, are the ace in the pack of many vineyards in Treviso. Every vineyard  has its own speciality, and it is surprising how many varieties of wine can be encountered on a Treviso wineries tour. An itinerary in the wine shops of the March provides you the chance to understand this region better than from any museum, and its wine tasting allows you to imbibe the purity of the nature surrounding Treviso, a farming land naturally selected for vine cultivation and wine production.

The cellars of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano - and in general all the wine shops of Treviso region - show a great respect to the local tradition and natural methods of cultivation. Even if each winery has its own secrets and specialities, they all have a strong passion and knowledge in their work... A wine tasting will let you unearth the secrets of this land!

The wines of the March cover a vast territory right up to Venice, so a visit will offer you a possibility to enjoy of different marvelous  landscapes. A winetasting can start from a single zone and then, moving from one vineyard to another one, you can discover the local products and their ideal accompaniment with some prestigious wines.

To understand the winemaking tradition of the province of Treviso you should take part in at least one wine tour... In this way you will appreciate the true spirit of this place and the authentic flavour of the wines of the March!