West Verona: Bardolino & Valpolicella


From the plains of Lake Garda to the hills of Lessinia, from the inland area to the coast, the geographical variety with which the province of Verona is blessed corresponds to the wide range of prestigious wines the region offers. With this variety the gastronomy changes too. However no matter which part of the territory you choose, the Valpolicella food and wine will delight your palate, providing you with the perfect accompaniment to your Valpolicella and Bardolino holiday!

Moving northwest from the city into the Veronese plain, we enter the terrestrial paradise known as Valpollicella, a place where, partly owing to its monuments, partly its majestic nature and partly from its traditional food and wine, time seems to have stopped. In these lands the secret of the eponymous wine, Valpollicella, one of the main features of the Veneto, are kept. Visitors keen to explore its mysteries and riches can follow the Valpollocella wine route, which winds right through the Veronese plain. The cuisine of the area, with its tradition cheeses, mushrooms, vegetables and desserts, enjoys a vast range of flavours: its wines always provide the perfect accompaniment, in complete harmony with the dishes.

The Valpollicella wine route takes in many magnificent locations: S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Garganego, S. Pietro in Cariano, Fumane, Negrar and many more, all to be enojyed in car, by mountain bike or even on horse. Each offers the opportunity to sample the local food and wine immersed in a location where the centuries of history seem inextricably bound to the present.

The hillsides around Verona are also home to Bardolino and Lake Garda. The production of this glorious red nectar, whose quality is manifest in its DOCG certification, is focussed in the areas of Bardolino itself, with Lazise, Affi, Costermano and Garda, constituting the Bardolino wine route, a perfect blend of art, nature and taste.

The Bardolino holidays offer an exclusive range of food and wine, with the culinary specialities of this area owing their provenance to the nearby Lake Garda.

Valpolicella and Bardolino food & wine privileges quality as a whole and in every single one of its products. Whichever you choose to sample, the delights of the Veronese plain and of Bardolino offer an unforgettable Valpolicella and Bardolino holiday!

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