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Winery Boscaini Carlo

Via Sengia, 15 - 37015 S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr), tel +39 0457731412 - vino@boscainicarlo.it

Our winery is situated in a small yet beautiful valley in the classic and historical zone of Valpolicella.

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Our winery is situated in a small yet beautiful valley in the classic and historical zone of Valpolicella. Here you can admire the square of the famous village of S.Giorgio Ingannapoltron, famous for his outstanding antique church and cloister.

The Boscaini Carlo winery takes its name from the grandfather of the current owners, Carlo e Mario, who began the business in 1948. Among the many wineries in the area the Boscaini Carlo stands out by its philosophy: the vines are cultivated using integrated systems (with an absolute minimum use of chemicals), planting and harvesting are done by hand by experts. The Cantina Boscaini Carlo produces 50000 bottles per year according to the traditional manner, again with a minimum use of chemical additives. The wines are bottled inhouse by a specialist firm.

We sell our wines, including the celebrated Amarone, to private clients, both regulars and occasional. We are always available and willing to receive clients and those interested in visiting our wineries and tasting our wines (we appreciate being informed in advance). Our wines can also be found in a few selected restaurants and wine bars.

The Boscaini Carlo winery takes part in the trade fair 'Cantine Aperte', is a member of the Valpolicella consortium and a part of the Valpolicella wine route. Tasting the Amarone of Cantina Boscaini Carlo will make you appreciate even more Valpolicella. A visit to the local wineries should definitely include this! Please remember to book your visit.

Recommended Wines:

  • Valpolicella doc classico 'Cà Bussin': Corvina 30%, Corvinone 40%, Rondinella 30%. A ruby red wine which assails the nostrils with an aroma of fresh mint. Soft and round on the palate this red has a sensationally fruity.
  • Valpolicella superiore classico 'La preosa': Corvina 50%, Corvinone 40%, Rondinella 10%. Already an intense cherry red, the colour of this wine deepens with maturity. Deliciously spicy on the nose with a sweeter vanilla afternote and a lovely robust fruity finish. A well structured wine.
  • Valpolicella classico superiore rip. 'Zane': Corvina 50%, Corvinone 40%, Rondinella 10%. It has a delicate flavour of red berry fruits. It has a soft and well-rounded finish on the palate which makes it the ideal accompaniment to casseroles and red meat dishes.
  • Amarone della valpolicella classico 'S.Giorgio': this ample wine comes from a rigorous selection of the best grapes from the harvest. A marvellous match for robust dishes such as roast meats and stews, game and mature cheeses.