Lake Garda, Lake Fimon, the lakes of Cadore and Agordino and all the other lakes, big and small, dotted around the mountains are one of the natural wonders of our region: bodies of water that reflect the beauty of the lights and colors around them, of the monuments and traces of the past that man has left on these shores. Lakes that are also a mecca for sports, olive oil and excellent wines.

Staying at a lake means having the possibility to dedicate oneself to countless activities: you can alternate between sunbathing and taking a refreshing dip, indulge in cultural activities by visiting the surrounding villages and towns, play sports or discover traditional produce that will please even the most demanding food fans.

The most important lake in Veneto is certainly Lake Garda, whose eastern shore lies in our region: given its size and the variety of its territory, there are so many and different experiences to do! You can visit Verona – and its underground! - or discover the prestigious Valpolicella wine or cruise around Lake Garda on a small ferry.

Visit our section dedicated to tours in Verona and Lake Garda where you will find many ideas that will let you discover this beautiful part of Veneto: the choice is yours!


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