Garda Lake


The Veneto has the merit of comprising the entire eastern shore of lake Garda, called the Riviera degli Olivi (Riviera of olives) for its particular climate which allows the cultivation of olives and citrus fruits.

Its history is the most far-reaching of the whole region: the first human habitation was in fact in this very spot, and the delights of a place that could unite the Mediterranean climate with an alpine were well-noted by the Romans, who named it Lacus Benacus. Other historical evidence includes the plentiful fossil deposits, and the ruined castles dotted throughout the land.

Lake Garda is today king of sports, and offers the absolute maximum quality for sailing, paragliding and hang-gliding, horse riding and trekking, mountain biking and skiing, all within the blessed natural wonders of the marvellous countryside.

Combined with this is the must to sample the exquisite local lake fish dishes, the pride of every locality along the coast, with the praiseworthy wines such as Custoza and Bardolino.

An abundance of cultural activities is also on offer from museums in towns which are themselves important and charming historical monuments.

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