Lakes of Cadore and Agordino


Magical places where all the splendours of the surrounding natural scene are conveyed.

The lakes of Cadore and Agordino are much more than simply expanses of water owing to the beauty of their setting, brought into central focus and enriched with sparkling touches. Gazing upon them we perceive a harmonious totality of land, sea and sky, whilst fixing our eye on their surroundings we are able to grasp a glimpse of the eternal.

The lake of Cadore, with its majestic fame and natural wonders, contains another source of wealth in its waters, testimony of the last glacial period 20000 years ago. The most widely-known tourist destinations are Lago di Misurina (its great natural basin is referred to as the pearl of Cadore), Lago di Pieve di Cadore, and Lago di Auronzo, though every lake and waterway in this land possesses something unique in terms of fascination and worth.

The village of Misurina, which extends gently along the lake shore, is magnificent in all seasons, but above all in winter, when its frozen lake offers a further attraction with its international polo competition. It also hosts the only upper-level centre for the treatment of infant asthma.

Pieve di Cadore, in addition to the value of its renowned waters, also boasts a historic, artistic and cultural background which few other places can rival. In first place it must be said that it is the birthplace of the greatest Italian Renaissance painter, Titian. Then there is the grandly-named Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, in the 15th century seat of the local feudality and today home to an archaeological museum. In addition the church of Santa Maria Nascente (11th century), plus historical palazzi, the central square, the remains of a 2nd century A.D. ancient Roman house, and the house of Titian himself.

Lago di Auronzo, known as the 'beach of the Dolomites', is well-equipped for all types of sport, and hosts important speedboat and canoeing competitions.

Also particularly well suitable for sporting pursuits is Lago di Alleghe, in Agordino, lying south of Marmolada. This glassy surface of water traces its origins back to 1771, when a landslide from Monte Piz occurred. Today it provides the opportunity for fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, or simply hiring a boat for a moment's relaxation at the centre of this paradise.