Prealpine Lakes


In the prealpine zone exist corners of nature exalted by the presence of sheets of water: lakes of various dimensions but always treasured for what they offer, from simple relaxation to the most exclusive sports.

The lake of Santa Croce, the second largest lake in Italy, is characterised by winds favourable to sporting pursuits (both aquatic and aerial). A natural basin almost 400 m in altitude, immersed in the breathtaking scenery of the Alpago: an emerald valley adorned with splendid mountains. It was in fact the lake of Santa Croce, in ancient times known as Lapacum, which has given the place its name. It was historically of particular importance to the Venetian Republic for the transportation of timber hailing from the forest of Cansiglio. Today it is a famous tourist locality endowedwith a campsite and various other types of accommodation. The abundance of aquatic life is especially noteworthy.

To the other side, 300 m above sea level, we find lake Arsiè, or del Corlo, an artificial lake created by the damming of the Cismon mountain stream. One of the riches of this narrow and elongated sheet of water is the 200 m long beach, situated by the district of La Stua. Crossing the lake by the Ponte delle Corde is also a must.

Also benefitting from a splendid sheet of water is the Valle del Mis: another artificial lake, though its position, nestled in the magnificence of the mountains and greenery, gives it a more than natural appearance. This is enhanced even further by its being inside the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. Perfect for hiking, with a view of the coast road.

Leaving the province of Belluno and entering that of Treviso we encounter the lakes of Revine, which take their name from a small town of characteristic stone houses. The greatest of the lakes is the glacial Lago di Santa Maria, which still preserves traces of an ancient pile-dwelling settlement. Today it is the privileged destination for affecionadoes of water sports.