Due to its varied nature and art treasures, Veneto is like a miniature Europe: come and spend your mountain holidays in Veneto. Experience the emotions of skiing on its peaks or the pleasure of a summer in the Dolomites for your mountain holidays in Veneto: mountains in Veneto are a synonym of nature, activities, relaxation, folklore and art.

Since immemorial time mountain holidays in Veneto are an all year round experience due to the myriad of possibilities they offer so that everybody will be pleased. There are 365 days available for your mountain holidays, for mountains in Veneto are not limited to high season but offer exciting possibilities at each time of the year. With its strong and pastel colours, the gentle and sharp profiles, the air you can breathe and the all-embracing water, the landscape of mountains in Veneto is a poem that touches the heart of both artists and everyday visitors.

Mountains in Veneto will seduce you: mountains here are rich in legends and past, art and tradition and offer tourists many interesting things and tasty fruits to be picked in each season for unforgettable holidays. Mountains in Veneto are an oasis where one can feel reborn on each occasion.

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