Of ancient Cimbrian origins, the Altopiano di Asiago, also known as the Seven Comunes - of Asiago, Rotzo, Roana, Gallio, Foza, Enego, and Lusiana, to which have recently been added Conco - is one of the most elegant in the whole of the Veneto, and one equipped with the best facilities for the provision of winter sports and recreational and cultural activities in general.

A mountain which, with its height of over 1000 m and its natural barrier of neighbouring peaks providing relief from the icy north winds is suitable for all, especially for those seeking natural beauty and the aura of tranquillity which it exudes.

Its statistics speak for itself: 22 ski stations, 69 ski-lifts, 100 km of piste and 7 centres for cross-contry skiing over an expanse of 500 km.

During the summer other possibilities are offered in this seductive valley, for example horse trekking, mountain biking or hiking through enchanting natural wonder, amid the woods and fields which surround the towns and villages and guarantee them fresh healthy air. Among other sports on offer golf warrants special mention, in that Asiago possesses one of Europe's most beautiful and best courses, with its 18 holes spread out over fields and fir trees in one of the greenest and most noteworthy of all Veneto's landscapes.

Though it is not only sport that Altopiano di Asiago has: the simple pleasures of relaxing by losing oneself among the shops of the main town or in the other comunes: in Enego, for example, whose views show the most verdant and magnificent peaks and summits, or Gallio, where, in addition to skiing one can visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Caravaggio and the Pakstall Valley; at Foza to rest in the majestic silence of the countryside and enjoy the most ancient mountain tradition and heritage; or at Rotzo, for its historical testimony which preserves its alpine charm.

Asiago also gives its name to the famous cheese: no visit would be complete without sampling its unique delicate flavour.

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