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Auronzo di Cadore

Tourists have been attracted to Auronzo di Cadore, a charming town that encompasses some of the best known symbols of the Dolomites, since the end of the 19th century, when the town started attracting, during winter and summer holidays, an international crowd of expert mountaineers and sport enthusiasts, as well as ordinary holiday makers in search of relaxation and unforgettable strolls.

This tourist place - the perfect portrait of mountain holidays – is touched by the waters of lake Santa Caterina and lies for the most part along the verdant Ansiei valley, right underneath the Tre Cime of Lavaredo - this alone is enough to explain the magic of holidays in Auronzo di Cadore.

Its architecture mixes typical alpine elements with more modern solutions which instil into the town centre a kind of fascination, enhanced by the visible presence of roman remains – an interesting additional reason to visit this town and spend your holidays here. The nearby villages and ancient hamlets can be distinguished by their churches, which appear dotted around and contribute to giving this slice of heaven a mystic aura.

Both in winter and summer the town is ideal for art visits that will further enrich your holidays: the civic museum of Corte Metto for instance, with its four main thematic areas, and the parish of Villapiccola are two compulsory visits once you have arrived in Auronzo di Cadore for your holidays. The nature surrounding and embracing Auronzo is magnificent in winter and summer alike: a testimony of the dense wood cover of Auronzo is the forest of Somadida, nowadays a national reserve but at the time of the Serenessima a real gold mine for the renowned fleet that used to source its precious wood in here. The term mine is not used by chance, as Auronzo was once an important mining centre.

Today the mountains of Auronzo di Cadore are a protagonist in the world of tourism and offer fairytale sceneries and all comforts. The entire area has, as one can expect, high quality accommodation and sports facilities to make your holidays in Auronzo the best possible, both in winter and summer. Fields, woods and tabià, the characteristics wooden hay houses, enhance the magic of this valley encircled by alpine masterpieces such as the Tre Cime of Lavaredo, Cadini, Croda dei Toni and the Corno del Doge. Mountains in Auronzo di Cadore have names that will make every mountaineer in the world happy.

Holidays in Auronzo will make you experience to the full the charm of the Dolomites in Veneto...