Cadore, the northernmost part of the province of Belluno, constitutes one of the most beautiful alpine territories in Italy. It covers an area of around 1500 square km of natural and artistic delights and consists of 22 councils: Pieve, Auronzo, San Vito, Borca, Vodo, Cibiana, Valle, Perarolo, Ospitale, Calalzo, Domegge, Lozzo, Vigo, Lorenzago, Santo Stefano, San Pietro, Sappada, San Nicolò di Comelico, Comelico Superiore, Danta, Zoppè, and finally Selva.

Albeit geographically well identifiable, it is home to several smaller regions with different histories and languages that contribute through their differences to making this area varied and changing.

Mountains in Cadore are of the noblest kind, equally magic in winter and summer – we are talking of peaks such as Mount Pelmo, Antelao (surpassed in height only by Marmolada) and the Sorapiss. Enjoying the mountains of Cadore is therefore the opportunity to touch the snow and set one’s eyes over the most beautiful mountain views of the Eastern Dolomites.

It contains notable tourist resorts such as Auronzo, Misurina, Pieve (birthplace of the painter Titian) and Calalzo, all superbly well-furnished with modern sporting facilities, excursions immersed in the natural surroundings, cultural events, and much more, so much so that holidays in Cadore are a highly sought after destination both in winter and summer. Tourism in Cadore has in fact a long standing tradition.

The natural wealth of the region includes fir, beech and larch forests, whose valuable timber has long been the major source of money in this zone. In previous centuries the wood was transported along the river ways and lakes to the plain, where it was sold, to the Venetian Republic for military and civic purposes. Since the Second World War Cadore's main industrial concern has been the manufacture of eye glasses.

Tourism remains one of the important sectors of Cadore's economy, offering its prestigious facilities during all the seasons: through the winter months the mountain provides one of the best landscapes of the Dolomites, with slopes and ski-lifts for all levels, snowboarding circuits, snowmobile excursions, ice-skating and welcoming mountain refuges, completing the picture of a perfect winter break. The summer, on the other hand, thanks to its numerous trails, allows one to experience another facet of Cadore, of nature thriving and luxuriant, with lakes, forests, and vast expanses of flowers, places where it is easy to encounter the indigenous wildlife.

In addition there are many cultural possibilities to be availed of here, from museums, exclusive events, performances, folklore, mountain choirs and the refined gastronomy of the area.

Its territories contain all the hydrographic basin of the Piave river, from its source in Monte Peralba until the town of Termine di Cadore (a district of Ospitale).

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