Civetta Resort


A spectacular display of natural shapes and grandeur that soars over the surrounding landscape of the Dolomites, Mount Civetta is also the rock group at the centre of the Civetta ski resort, the most important ski area in the region.

Whether this mountain derives its name – which in Italian is the word owl - from ancient superstitions or the shape of this nocturnal bird, although considering the size of the mountain itself we would rather believe it to be an eagle, albeit the name isn’t really of any importance. Civetta is in the Dolomites a synonym of grandeur, nature, sport, fun, holidays and relax, all multiplied by four, the number of seasons. Winter as well as summer, there is no time of the year when sports, entertainment, relaxing and cultural events aren’t available. Here holidays are round the clock for 365 days a year, one only has to decide to visit and there will always be the opportunity to have a great time and enjoy mountains at their best, with their infinite beauties, secrets and clean air.

Spending your holidays on Mount Civetta entails all this. Mount Civetta, solemn and mysterious, is indeed the symbol of the Civetta ski resort, which links Val Zoldana, Val Fiorentina and Agordino. This mountain embraces the town of Alleghe with its breathtaking lake and boasts a height of 3218 m and to the north-west the so-called – by the mountaineering community - Queen of rock walls: a rock wall, over 1000 m high and 4 km wide, with daring and bold rock climbing routes.

The first hotels sprang up in the town especially to provide accommodation for the mountaineers that were coming here for their holidays from all over the world. The Civetta ski resort contains several fascinating and romantic small towns, hamlets such as the already mentioned Alleghe, but also Colle Santa Lucia, Forno di Zoldo, Zoldo Alto, San Tomaso Agordino and Selva di Cadore, which are splendid destinations and well worth a visit both in winter and summer. All the above mentioned places strictly follow the code of rules of mountain traditions with colourful apparels and exciting customs. Immersed in a small world of valleys, enchanted woods and peaks that rise up to the sky, this is the ideal place for your summer and winter holidays spent either relaxing or in a more active way.

In the winter months perfectly groomed ski runs of all grades link together the three valleys surrounding the Civetta ski area. This also includes night lit downhill and cross country runs at Pecol. There are a total number of 46 ski trails (for a total length of 82 km) and 26 ski-lifts. In addition, the area boasts two ice rinks and facilities for many different sport disciplines, in summer one can choose from horse riding through to bike excursions (both road and mountain bike) and hand gliding. An experience not to be missed is the ski round trip of the Great War that takes skiers along war remains such as stations, tunnels and loopholes built by the soldiers of both battlefronts around the Col di Lana, the symbolic site of the 1915-1918 fighting.

Top quality accommodation, animated festivals, local markets and the Ladini local population, one of the ethnical minorities in Italy: these all are fantastic reasons to justify your holidays on Mount Civetta!

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