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Magnificent walks and climbs in the Dolomites... In the province of Belluno holidays in Agordo are well-renowned!

The village is the most important in the Cordevole valley (comprising 16 comunes) and the ideal departure point for magnificent walks and climbs in the Dolomites and surrounding countryside: perfect for both summer and winter holidays, combining sports, nature, culture and relaxation.

Already an international centre for climbing in the 19th century, this focal point of the Agordino range is in the first section of the CAI of the Eastern Alps. Surrounded by such peaks as Agner, le Pale di San Lucano, the Tàmer chain - S. Sebastiano, Framont, Moiazza and to the north Monte Civetta and Marmolada, the kingdom of the Dolomites proper, this breathtaking scenery evokes wonder: a true 'northern paradise'. Each year the Agordina mountains draw crowds of hikers, climbers and dreamers to marvel at the attractions in both summer and winter holidays.

Holidays in Agordo also combine artistic treasures: a stroll through its quaint streets reveal a surprising variety of architectural riches, with references to the Venetian Republic (majestic villas and palazzi) blending with more traditional mountain structures: the Palazzo Crotta de' Manzoni, which today houses an optical and glasses museum, and the parish chruch with works by Palma il Giovane are both unmissable. Holidays in Agordo provide a complete spectrum of pleasures for both summer and winter holidays. South of the town the spectacular Agordo canal runs through enchanting countryside, certanily some of the most evocative alpine scenery.

In the past the town provided important metal for Belluno, forging arms, and Venice, for whom she minted the coins for the Serenissima Republic. Today her industry lies in both electromechanics and plastics, with the world leader in glasses, Luxottica (makers of Ray-Ban amongst others) based here. It also has a long tradtiton of woodcarving.  Agordo ais also home to the most victorious women's hockey team in Italy.

Holidays in Agordo also allow the visitor to enjoy the most important ski complex in the Vento, that of Monte Civetta.