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Lying 1000 m above sea level in the Cordevole valley, Alleghe and its lake are one of the symbols of the Veneto Dolomites: a place imbued with the magic and tranquility of the mountains.

Though the village is more recent in origin, the settlement's history can be traced back to ancient times. Already in the 12th century the area had a large population when the Pope ordered the building of a chapel for religious functions. Three of the old villages (Riete, Fusine and Marin) were devastated in 1771 following a landslide from Monte Spitz, a natural catastrophe which however led to the creation of a natural dam and the consequent lake Alleghe.

Today the village offers a paradise for vacations: a destination ideal for both summer and winter holidays. During the winter months the predominant attractions are the ski complex of Monte Civetta, the acme of mountain holidays in the Veneto; the summer months, on the other hand, entice visitors with fishing, hiking and relaxation along the lake shores, providing splendid opportunities for trips, delicious local cuisine, cultural events and much more.

The area became popular with toursits at the beginning of the last century, when hotels catering for climbers sprang up along the lake, offering fantastic views from its shores. Holidays in Alleghe attract visitors for more than this however: the majestic Monte Civetta, reflected on the lake's waters, is home to the most important ski complex in the Veneto, as well as being a climber's dream, with 1000 m of wall on its north face which watches over the surrounding countryside. Alleghe is also home to one of Italy's best hockey teams and in winter many players train on the forzen lake.

Holidays in Alleghe are one of the best in the province of Belluno in both summer and winter.