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Val di Zoldo

Dense forests, wide valleys, and the imposing profile of Monte Civetta combining to produce an effect of wild and untamed nature: the Val Zoldana contains a vast wealth of natural splendours to entice and contemplate, both in summer and winter.

Traces of its past as an important centre of mining remain in the names of certain places throughout the area such as Forno di Zoldo, Fusine, though today the greatest riches of the Val Zoldana lie in tourism. A holiday in Zoldo is now one of the most sought-after in the Belluno region!

The two best destinations are ]Zoldo Alto (comprising Brusadaz, Coi, Costa, Fusine, Iral, Mareson, Palafavèra, Pècol, and Pianaz) and Forno di Zoldo, both well-furnished with holiday accommodation for both summer and winter holidays.

Val Zoldana is one of the three valleys which make up the Monte Civetta ski complex, the largest in Italy: a paradise both for ski enthusiasts.

Throughout the summer and winter, a holiday in Zoldo offers sports, relaxation, culture and traditional cooking. Zoldo in fact has a certain fame throughout Europe for its homemade ice cream. It is also home to the tabià, a type of farm structure originally used for storing fodder, and now converted into luxury accommodation - an extra enhancement to your holiday in Val Zoldana.

All three valleys boast majestic natural surroundings: Forno in fact lies partly within the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, and there are many types of wildlife to be observed in its territory. Whether in summer or winter, a holiday here makes your dreams come true.