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Skiing holidays in Alleghe

Skiing holidays in Alleghe allow you to experience the emotions that only the Monte Civetta ski complex can provide.

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Ski Civetta constitutes the most important skiing area in the Veneto, with all the Alleghe slopes and the neighbouring two valleys: adapted for all levels, and equipped for all winter sports activities. Two of the 46 pistes of the Monte Civetta ski complex run directly from the Alleghe slopes and allow you to enjoy the magnificent surrounding scenery of the Dolomites: the lake, peaks, countryside in all their natural beauty.

Skiing in Alleghe also gives you the possibility of the Marmolada (home of the only glaciaers of the Dolomites) and Monte Pelmo, and assures you of fully- qualified ski schools. The ski schools provide the best instrucutors and furnish you with security to avail yourself of the Alleghe slopes. The north face of Monte Civetta is also famous to climbers: it dominates the view, and was the passport to tourism for Alleghe.

Skiing holidays in Alleghe unites the best of the Belluno Dolomites for an unforgettable vacation!