Comelico Sappada Resort


The Comelico Sappada resort, which lends its name to the local mountain authority with its six towns, is located in the far north eastern corner of the province of Belluno and embraces several different ethnographic and physical situations and some of the most fascinating natural virtues in the Dolomites.

The mountains in Comelico Sappada surround a landscape of pastures, fir woods, small waterfalls and alpine lakes. Fauna is also rich and varied, with rare species that can be easily approached during your holidays here: the possibility of observing nature in its most pristine state remains one of the major strengths of the complex Comelico and Sappada. Such a special nature is an invitation for both winter and summer holidays, for every season of the year exudes magic sensations.

Comelico Sappada is one of the most beautiful corners of the entire alpine range, with an unbelievable range of winter sports on offer, but equally amazing when it comes to exciting summer activities in close contact with nature.For winter and summer holidays full of stimuli there are also noteworthy cultural happenings and famous festivals. Additionally, folklore has a large following and sees the involvement of tourists as well. We are talking about two different cultures – one Ladina in Comelico, the other German-speaking in Sappada – that go hand in hand and enhance the charm of this slice of heaven.

The names of mountains in Comelico and Sappada are important and well-known throughout the Dolomites: Peralba, Torre Sappada, Creton di Clap Grande. These are beautiful and majestic peaks that form the playing ground of downhill aficionados in winter and walkers in summer, within exclusive holidays in the spectacular settings of the Dolomites.

Once in Comelico Sappada nature and folklore will conquer you.

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