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Santo Stefano di Cadore

Santo Stefano di Cadore is surely ideal, both in winter and summer, for breakways and holidays in the enchanting nature.

Santo Stefano di Cadore is the main centre of Comelico and an ancient hamlet at the meeting of the River Piave with the River Padola. It is a picturesque village, where the Comunità Montana Comelico-Sappada has its headquarters, and includes a main area and several equally attractive smaller settlements in its proximity. 

If on one hand the mountains in Santo Stefano di Cadore are a dream come true, just equally important, on the other, is the old abbey in the historic centre founded in 1208 (although it appears there might have been an older church in the 7th century). The abbey of Santo Stefano has been renovated several times throughout the centuries and has kept from each period of time some extremely valuable items, such as a wooden altar from the school of Brustolon.

One of the reasons for the fascination of this village is the presence of three main areas; these are Santo Stefano itself, Tamber and Transacqua, respectively on the right and left hand sides of the River Piave. Holidays in Santo Stefano di Cadore are the means to experience an exclusive world, suspended between history and nature.

Located in Comelico, the reign of winter sport and summer walks in the far north eastern corner of Veneto, Santo Stefano di Cadore is also a quaint art centre where one can find respite and enjoy the local traditions, besides a starting base for all the activities that this marvellous region can offer. Holidays in Santo Stefano di Cadore are packed full with interesting things: sport activities, relaxation, cuisine, culture, there is nothing that can be left undone. Mountains in Santo Stefano di Cadore are just this: the answer you are looking for, for winter and summer holidays in the name of entertainment.

Thanks to its settings Santo Stefano has a long standing tradition of trading wood and other local products. Amongst the souvenirs you can take with you there are magnificent woodcraft items and tasty foods. Art forays always include the nearby villages (amongst them Campolongo, Costalissoio and Casata), which offer both in winter and summer a tantalising alternative to sport activities and relaxation.