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Val Comelico

Val Comelico, known as the 'valley of the flowers' is immersed in the varied nature of Veneto and home to green forests, streams, Dolomites peaks, the S. Anna small lakes and Campo Cadin: these are all sources of pride for this area that have contributed to the launch of tourism in Val Comelico.

Its towns have a long tradition of woodworking and there are many valuable artefacts that can be purchased as long-lasting memories of breakaways and holidays in this magnificent place.

Part of the Popera group of the Dolomites to the north and the Brentoni south, the sunny Val Comelico covers the catchments of the rivers Piave and Padola and includes five municipalities, ideal destinations for winter and summer holidays in the name of unpolluted air and the most poetic mountain views.

Holidays in Val Comelico are filled with excitement and diversions: there are in fact opportunities for sports, culture, food and wine and relaxation, which can all be enjoyed both in winter and summer. The valley's most prominent feature is indeed its luxuriant landscape, flourishing with animals and vegetation, vast meadows and immense woods. All of this gives each season a different aura, be it the snow cover in winter or the bright sun light in summer.

A nature still untouched, as is particularly the case in Val Visdende and Valgrande – two slices of heaven for your holidays in Val Comelico. It is nature, so untamed and vibrant, that has over the years spearheaded tourism in Val Comelico, by offering a retreat for your exclusive holidays full of tranquillity and unique beauty. Mountains in Val Comelico are exactly this, a land where a myriad of elements coexist in a magical way.

This is a thriving area with a vibrant nature, a real sense of welcoming and full of folklore and art that you can enjoy at their best in any time of the year. Summer is ideal for walks – one exciting opportunity being the natural trail through the peat bogs at Danta, with the botanical garden of Candide and many species of animals and plants that can be seen here) – but also for sports, such as mountain biking and horse riding, recreational activities such as festivals and folklore happenings, and high-profile culture events. Winter adds something else – skiing on the best trails, ice-skating and sledge dogging – to make you live the mountains in Val Comelico to the full.

Participation in the 'Maskarade', the local carnival that has Matazin – or jester– as the main character, is highly recommended if one wants to further delve in to the history and traditions of Val Comelico.