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Borca di Cadore

In the heart of Val Boite, a wide valley framed by towering peaks and crossed by the River Boite, lies the splendid town of Borca di Cadore, an ideal place for winter and summer holidays in the Eastern Dolomites.

At an altitude of 942 m, framed by poetic scenery but also convenient and handy because of the proximity with the main ski-lifts near Cortina – this is Val Boite, a heaven for winter sports and one of the reasons holidays in Borca di Cadore will always attract people. This is the reign of Mount Pelmo and Mount Antelao - two giants of Dolomite rock with the typical pink colour, respectively located on the right and left sides of the river - but also of Mount Penna, Rite, and the Rocchette di Sorarù. The town, with its hamlets of Villanova, Cancia and Corte, is ideal for holidays both in winter and summer.


Holidays in the mountains around Borca di Cadore offer, in fact, every kind of entertainment so that visitors can enjoy the spirit of the Veneto Dolomites at its best. From walks through larch and fir woods whilst picking mushrooms to the contemplation of nature and the re-discovery of oneself, whilst trout fishing in the River Boite, summer holidays in Borca di Cadore are full of exciting things, and cultural ones too – the town has in fact a well renowned library, a cultural centre and a natural museum, all cultural occasions to be visited at any time of the year. One mustn’t also forget the relaxed atmosphere and the genuine dishes of the cuisine of the Cadore area. Naturally, there are also winter holidays, a must for mountain holidays both at Borca di Cadore as well as the whole area.


Besides the close contact with the most pristine and magical nature, holidays at Borca di Cadore offer a whole range of accommodation types to suit everybody, without having to renounce quality and especially without the need to drive long distances in order to reach the nearest ski-lift or other nearby important tourist centres, such as San Vito or Cortina.


The best of mountains in Veneto is at your disposal if you plan your holiday at Borca di Cadore!