Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo is the westernmost point of the Prealpi Venete, and is the peak that dominates Lake Garda, a long standing destination for breakaways and holidays, both in winter and summer, to the point that tourism and Monte Baldo have been going hand in hand since time immemorial.

Known from 16th century as 'Europe's Botanical Garden', Monte Baldo has a rich and variegated flora, with olive and orange trees, mountain pine, oak, and palm, which combine to paint an incredible 'floral' composition, a rare spectacle in mountain. Monte Baldo represents variety, and so does Lake Garda, for it includes along its shores many different climates. A natural assemblage such as that of Monte Baldo is simply unbelievable. There are four climactic zones, with their diverse vegetation, present on the mountain: the Mediterranean (reaching until 700 m), the mountain zone (from 700 m to 1500 m), the boreal (from 1500 m - 200 m) and the alpine (above 2000 m).

In summer Monte Baldo is the ideal location for long walks in an environment rich in geological and natural interest, not forgetting the sports which can be found here away from winter: from mountain biking to horse trekking to the headier realms of paragliding and handgliding, everything is included. Winter sees it transformed into a ski resort par excellence: holidays and Monte Baldo go hand in hand all year round.

Monte Baldo is, geographically, an isolated massif, rectangular in form, which stretches from the Verona to the Trento area for almost 40 km, following the shoreline of lake Garda.

The mountain locality is therefore a true natural paradise, both in winter and summer, where the slopes of Tratto Spino, Prà Alpesina and Prada-Costabella di Novezza enable the skier to enjoy splendid views of the lake: for this reason Monte Baldo can be thought of as a magnificent stone balcony. Tourism and Monte Baldo are a winning synonym for the richness and peculiarities of this area, which even in summer offers the best entertaining.

Easy access to the summit is possible thanks to the futuristic funicular railway which runs from Malcesine to Monte Baldo, equipped with rotating carriages which allow 360° view of the lake and surrounding panorama, a thrilling experience to be had during your holidays. There are numerous view points, the highest being the 2218 m Cima Valdritta.

The answer to your holidays? Monte Baldo.