Tre Valli Resort


Val Biois, with an altitude of 1150 m, is a vast bowl-shaped valley surrounded by woods and with its main centre in Falcade.

Falcade and Val Biois are part of the Tre Valli ski resort, aptly named as it includes three valleys – Val Biois, Valle San Pellegrino and Val di Fassa, within its expanses. In Falcade and Val Biois we find ourselves inside the miraculous Dolomites, amongst soaring peaks such as Pale di San Martino, Focobon, Mount Pelmo, Cime d’Auta, Civetta and Marmolada, encircling sceneries with a wild but at the same time friendly nature. Here, there are many reasons to spend your breakaways and holidays, both in winter and summer. Nature and the traditions of the Agordo Dolomites have remained intact so that your holidays will be filled with relaxation and exclusivity.

This is the gift of holidays in the Tre Valli ski resort, which lends itself perfectly to the practice of all sport activities in mountains (as well as in summer) and is also suitable for families with young children who will find here a true slice of heaven. As already mentioned, nature is reigning over everything in the Tre Valli ski resort: herds of chamois that you can gaze at, inaccessible gorges and natural sculptures of rock formations that will leave you speechless, dense woods and streams that run steadily and musically in the whiteness of the snow and the sunny spring meadows, lively towns with festivals and traditional cuisine... This and lots more is the everyday life of Val Biois and not just an occasional happening. Here there is marvelling all the year round, and for this reason holidays in the Tre Valli ski resort will always be waiting for you.

This area offers more than just beautiful sceneries as it is also equipped with some of the best facilities for the practice of all sport activities, both winter and summer. The area includes challenging and fascinating paths for mountain trekking and biking. In summer a few chairlifts are kept open for bike carrying. In winter everything turns white in the Tre Valli ski resort, and skiers have at their disposal 100 km of pistes and long trails where skis can be kept on all day. Without any doubt Tre Valli is one of the unchallenged reigns of winter sports, a heaven for the holidays of those who are mad about sport.

Thanks to its sunny positions and the top quality ski schools and facilities, Val Biois is also perfectly suited for the holidays of families and small children. The world of sport and relaxation offered by Tre Valli is waiting for you all the year round!

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