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Falcade and mountains are like a crown and its jewels... Falcade is the main centre of the valley and one of the largest ski resorts in the whole of the Dolomites.

On the one hand, the Tre Valli complex is one of the major ski areas in the entire alpine range and is visited in winter by sport enthusiasts from everywhere, who come here to ski and spend stylish holidays. Summer, on the other hand, gives the opportunity to go walking on stunning trails or enjoy an easy stroll along the river Biois, both excellent ways to compliment your holiday in the alpine ranges.

Throughout history the centre of Falcade has been slowly moving towards the bottom valley – today a stroll in the town centre amongst characteristic buildings, immersed in nature, the Agordo traditions and the culture of Ladini – an ancient local population – will immediately improve your well-being and put you in close contact with these places. There is no doubt that holidays in Falcade will recharge you, they have the spirit, quietness and beauty of mountains in our region: for this reason Falcade and mountain holidays go perfectly hand in hand.

We are talking about winter and summer, two equally fascinating seasons when talking about Falcade and Tre Valli. As for the city centre, majestic and evocative is the sight of the church. An additional cultural opportunity, to be experienced both in winter months and on summer days, is given by the Augusto Murer museum, renowned sculptor and painter, and a symbolic figure of this town. Another artist from Falcade is Giovanni Marchiori, a scholar of Andrea Brustolon, both wood etcher and sculptor – a wood crucifix made by him is housed in the local church of Fabiano and Sebastiano Saints.

In short, holidays in Falcade are an all-embracing experience. Falcade and mountains are like a crown and its jewels - holidays here will also me meaningful. There are many picturesque villages dotting the landscape, such as Somor, Costa, Villotta, Federand Sappade, famous for their traditional wood and brick haylofts. In addition to winter sports Vallada, with its magnificent stables and facilities, offers horseriding. Additionally, holidays here offer shelter from the soaring summer temperatures in the flatland combined with physical activities, relaxation, fantastic cuisine and plenty of charm.