Val di Zoldo


Discover Val Zoldana in Italy: tourism at 360° in one of the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites! The Val di Zoldo in Belluno in the Dolomiti Zoldo offers many opportunities throughout the year: comfortable and equipped hotels in Zoldo Alto and neighbouring areas; Nordic and downhill skiing, snowboarding, with the only piste in the Dolomites regularly open even at night, from November to April - thanks to the nearby Val Zoldana; excursions at high altitude on Pelmo, Civetta or Moiazza: walking and climbing in the beautiful Val Zoldana in the summer. Fabulous scenery, relaxing and numerous activities to enjoy the outdoors are the best incentive for you to book your next holiday in Val di Zoldo!

To decide which is the best place to stay it is also good to talk to the Zoldo Alto Tourist Information and to learn about the beautiful towns included in the vast territory of the Val Zoldo Alta in Belluno: hotels, apartments and quality facilities particularly in Zoldo Alto and Forno di Zoldo will give you an unforgettable experience! Valle Zoldana includes Forno di Zoldo – with its hamlets of Pralongo, Sottolerive, Dont, Villa, Sommariva, Campo, Sorogno, Astragal, Bragarezza, Dozza, Fornesighe, Casal, Foppa, Calchera, Cella, Pra; Zoldo Alto – with Pecol, Mareson, Pianaz, Fusine, Coi, Brusadaz, Costa, Goima; and Zoppè di Cadore with its hamlet of Bortolot.



Dense expanses of green fields covered in the winter with snow, pristine nature, just a few kilometers from the main roads, where deer live freely and picturesque villages in the shadow of the majestic profiles of Pelmo and Civetta : Val di Zoldo encompasses many of the natural values of Veneto, a small corner in the Dolomites that invites contemplation as much activity, both in winter and in summer.

The two great mountain peaks overlooking the Valle Zoldana are Mount Civetta and Pelmo. Mount Civetta separates Val Zoldo from Agordino and from the village of Alleghe, while Mount Pelmo - which is divided into two peaks, Pelmo and Pelmetto - separates Val di Zoldo from the Boite valley, the largest valley of Cadore. The side of Mount Civetta overlooking Val Zoldana offers some of the best climbing in the Val di Zoldo - such as the via ferrata routes of Alleghesi and the Tissi ferrata - connecting you to the quaint little Torrani refuge at 2984 metres altitude. Mount Pelmo, as well as for its beautiful climbing routes, has one of the most fascinating attractions of Val Zoldana: dinosaur footprints, which can be found at the foot of Pelmetto, a short distance from the Staulanza refuge.

A large area of Val Zoldana, in the municipality of Forno di Zoldo, is included in the National Park of Belluno Dolomites (Zoldo Alto). Established in 1993 to protect the nature and landscape of this beautiful area of the Dolomites, the Park boasts an area of about 32,000 hectares and is populated by rare species of flora and fauna and many species of wild animals.

The proximity to the skiing area of Monte Zoldo Alto Civetta also includes Zoldo Valley in the largest skiing area in Veneto: with its 80km of slopes and 23 lifts, Skiing on Civetta is a real paradise for sports... It is another good reason for taking extended holidays in Val di Zoldo, without forgetting the other activities organized in the winter, such as snowshoeing, ski mountaineering, cross country skiing, freeriding, sledging, ice skating and the many refuges that often facilitate fascinating events at high altitude!

Zoldo Alto tourism is not only about nature and sport! Holidays in Dolomiti di Zoldoare also suitable for lovers of good food: cheese, polenta and local game, mushrooms, casunziei, pumpkin gnocchi, soups, pastìn e formài frit... Simple dishes and ingredients expertly combined following a long and ancient tradition. Do not leave the valley without having tried the specialty of the Val di Zoldo: ice cream which is now considered among the best ice cream in the world!

If you want to stay in a real and original accommodation, the tabià in Val Zoldana could be just for you! These are traditional house-barns that have been adapted to provide functional tourist accommodation, without having altered the original appearance.



The rare examples you will encounter in Val di Zoldo suggest that in ancient times the valley was a simple border area, never permanently inhabited because it was too far from the shopping area and devoid of economic interest. Zoldano was mentioned for the first time in a papal bill in 1185 and, of course, we know that in later centuries it came under various rulers before being included among the territories of Venice (in 1404).

After the victory of Venice against the League of Cambrai, thanks also to the contribution of the population of Zoldo, Val di Zoldo began to play an increasingly important role: forestry - Val Zoldana supplied the precious timber for the Arsenal of Venice - and steel industry - the names of many towns bear the marks of the important mining past of the area – made the Valle Zoldana flourish in time as witnessed by the various majestic buildings that arose between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Following the fall of Venice, Valle Zoldana was passed from the Austrians to the French, and vice versa, until it became part of the territories of the Austrian Empire. Under the new rule several public works were funded and the first topographic map of the United Lombardo Veneto was produced providing a clear representation of the surrounding mountainous area.

After the riots of the Risorgimento, Forno di Zoldo, Zoppè di Cadore and Zoldo Alto became municipalities in the Kingdom of Italy. In the same period, however, the crisis of the traditional economic activities of Val Zoldana, due to the development of modern industry, forced many residents to leave the Zoldano area to look for work elsewhere.

After World War II, the Valle di Zoldo began to develop and implement tourism services which are now its main asset, especially after the creation of the Ski Civetta and its union to the circuit of the Dolomiti Superski.



For those arriving from the flatland, the Dolomiti di Zoldo Valley is easily accessible along the A27 motorway until Pian di Vedoia; simply follow signs for Cortina to the village of Longarone, where you'll find clear signs for  Forno di Zoldo and Zoldo Alto along the main 251 road. Other roads to Zoldo Valley include: Cibiana Pass for those coming from the area of Cadore or Cortina; Passo Duran if arriving from Agordo and the west of Val Zoldana; along the main road 251 Focella Staulanza for those arriving from towns in the north, such as S. Fosca, Colle S. Lucia or Pescul.

Treviso and Venice airports are the closest to the Zoldo Valley, offering efficient connections to and from the main towns of Val Zoldana and easy to book online.

The nearest train station to Zoldo Valley is Longarone, from which you can reach Val Zoldana with the DolomitiBus.

Book your holidays in Val di Zoldo - Alto Civetta on hotels, excursions, and transfers. In summer or winter in Zoldo Alto: relaxation, sports, cuisine and culture. Holidays in Val di Zoldo, Belluno, are among the most popular of the Dolomites!

Once there, the Zoldo Alto Tourist Infomation will provide all the information needed to explore the area and discover the wonders of this amazing valley.

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