Park of Delta del Po

In context

The Po Delta: the space between land and sea where nature is sovereign. An 'amphibious' region, an area which comprises 9 comunes of the province of Rovigo, and where the force of nature has witnesses the hand of man in his efforts to harness and contain her, demonstrating the tacit pact made which has indissolubly linked them for centuries.

In the Po Delta the elements reign supreme, nonchalantly combining according to unseen laws. It is a perpetual conflict which has no winners or losers but simply the urgency of that possibility. In this climate, which in the Polesine is in fact the norm of everyday life, there is an unexpected serenity, owing simply to the fact that the splendour of the land, unique for many reasons, cannot but be loved. The Po Delta extends over an area of more than 400 km2, making it the largest natural park in Italy, and the most extensive humid zone in Europe.

Notwithstanding the land’s many interesting archaeological and artistic sights, such as Adria and San Basilico di Ariano Polesine, the greatest treasures lie in its natural environment, where flora and fauna participate in a delicate ecosystem composed of canals, marshes, lagoons, reed thickets and sand banks. Here and there we find examples of the casoni, the typical houses with their great chimneys, reference points for the fishermen and custodians of the valley.

Among the area’s fauna there are hundreds of species of birds, both stationary and migratory, such as geese, duck, marsh falcon, snipe and heron. The wide range of flora also exercises its charm over the visitor, with its brightly-coloured flowers, reeds, and popular, larch and pine forests.

Exploring the Delta is an experience to be sampled at all cost, with its many possibilities (birdwatching, horse trekking, boat trips, cycling, fishing etc.) among an unspoilt world of magical scenery.

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