Park of the river Sile


Founded in 1991, the Natural Park of the River Sile covers 3000 hectares in its entirety, and is characterised by the copious resurgences and wealth of woods within its territory. The river Sile rises at Vedelago (in the province of Treviso) and runs for 95 km flowing finally into the Venetian lagoon and then the Adriatic sea - the river with the most resurgences in Europe.

The Sile Natural Park begins here, along the outline of this unique and special river of resurgences, rich in springs, small lakes, marshes and woods, but also in aristocratic villas, windmills (in fact Treviso is referred to as the 'Granary of the Republic') and furnaces, witnesses to the presence of the hydraulic works realised by the Venetian Republic between the 15th and 18th centuries. Remains of much older occupation of the area have been found as well, traces of an important pile-dwelling culture of ancient origin.

Starting at the source and arriving at the Oasis of Cervara we find a singular ecosystem consisting of numerous small animals as well as aquatic plants, reeds, shrubs and forest vegetation, making this an ideal place for absorbing nature, enjoying a walk along the banks or a boat trip.

The first step of the river, that above Treviso, is the most interesting from a natural perspective as it highlights the phenomenon resurgences; it is possible to follow the river also by bike track. Proceeding towards the sea, former quarries now transformed into lakes allow the possibility to admire numerous species of aquatic birdlife; further on, the locality of Portegrande marks the confluence of the Sile with the waters of the lagoon.

Obligatory steps on the tourist trail include the resurgences. Between Casacorba and Torreselle, the springs and lakes, marshes, peat plains, the reserve of Santa Cristina, Villa Barbaro-Battaglia at Silea, Villa Cervellini at Cedon, Villa Mantovani, Villa Dall'Aglio-Gabbianelli at Lughignano and the Mulino Cervara.

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