Venetian villas by bike: the most fascinating Veneto bike routes


One of the best ways to visit the Venetian villas is by going on a bike ride and cycling along some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Italy amidst nature, whilst crossing hills, rivers and the countryside. You can admire the beautiful landscapes surrounding the villas from a privileged point of view and make your way to these ancient residences by taking your time, ensuring you feel the same sense of wonder that the ancient Venetians felt centuries ago. Spring is also the best season to organize wonderful bike tours in Veneto and take advantage of the time of the year when the villas and their spectacular parks are at their best. What are you waiting for: ready, get set, go! Let's go with our insiders on a discovery of the most beautiful Veneto bike tours, from the most local ones, which are ideal to discover authentic areas, to the most sought-after routes, along which you can admire our beautiful villas!

To begin with, we would like to reveal you that the number one 'cycle path of Venetian villas', a classic of cycle tourism in Veneto, is Riviera del Brenta.
But if you want your itinerary between the Veneto villas - or alternatively a proper cycling holiday in the Veneto hills - to include lots of different paths located between Venice and Verona, then as real insiders we also have other more local bike tours in the Veneto hills to recommend. These routes are less popular, but nevertheless equally well-structured and ideal to explore the true soul of our area.
One of the first ones we have to suggest is the bike tour between Vicenza and the Palladian villas!
Starting from the beautiful town of Vicenza, famous for its production of extraordinary jewellery and for the wonderful Palladian architecture that embellish its perfectly preserved historic center, you will soon find yourself in the middle of the gentle hills surrounding the city where the splendid La Rotonda Villa (Palladio’s greatest masterpiece) and Valmarana ai Nani are located. The latter houses the most important frescoes of the eighteenth century by Gianbattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo. When you are here you can visit the interiors and have a nice glass of wine on the panoramic terrace. A fabulous experience for the eyes and palate! If you wish to bike further, the Berici Hills will welcome you with their striking views and the many villas scattered in the greenery. 

At a very short distance from the Berici Hills there is another beautiful area for lovers of bike rides and active holidays, rich in uncontaminated landscapes and historic villas. This is the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills not far from Padua, where the famous Ring Cycle route of the Euganean Hills is located: several kilometers of well-marked and mapped cycling routes, far from busy roads will allow you to admire the wonderful landscape of these volcanic hills where some of the most beautiful Venetian villas of the region are located: Villa Emo Capodilista known as ‘La Montecchia’, Villa dei Vescovi (FAI heritage), Villa Pizzoni-Ardemani and the Garden of Valsanzibio, Castello del Catajo just to name a few. There are many cycling routes on the Euganean Hills you can choose from: some are flat and others are hilly, so we definitely recommend doing some research before you set off in order to find the one best suitable for your outing. 


To remain faithful to the combination of cycling and food&wine, we recommend a Verona hills bike tour for the chance to visit some beautiful Venetian villas, including the eighteenth-century Villa Mosconi Bertani in Negrar where you can also replenish your energy with an excellent tasting of Amarone and typical products. The villas of Valpolicella and Verona were born as the heart of the area’s wine production, and Villa Mosconi Bertani in particular started producing the renowned Amarone wine, which has now spread all around the world. 


Another original and elegant way of combining cycling tours in Italy, Venetian villas and exploring the territory is a recently devised and easy Treviso cycle route: the Treviso-Ostiglia, which starts from the famous ‘city of water’ and – following the track of an ancient railway - crosses the entire Venetian plain from east to west until it ends in the province of Mantua. Our favourite stretch is the initial one, because from Treviso you can easily reach places of extraordinary natural beauty such as the springs of the River Sile as well as some Venetian villas, including the splendid Ca' Marcello in Piombino Dese, one of the most elegant residences in Veneto. The villa is still the private residence of one of the oldest families in the region, around since the foundation of the city of Venice before the year 1000. Here you can hear the owners themselves tell stories and legends of their family and Venetian villas, and have the chance to go on a chic-nic in the beautiful secular park of Ca’ Marcello, to relax in the style of 19th century noble people. A truly unique and exclusive experience! 


As we told you not long ago, despite other areas of the Veneto are also full of wonders for cyclists, the number one 'cycle path of Venetian villas' is unanimously considered to be the cycle path of the Riviera Brenta between Padua and Venice, where there is the highest concentration of villas in the region along the same watercourse. The route follows the wide bends of the river and offers unforgettable views of its villas and the surrounding countryside - also allowing you to stop in places that are difficult to reach by car, including Villa Pisani 'La Nazionale' also known as 'the queen of the Venetian Villas' and Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (VE), or La Malcontenta del Palladio in Mira (VE). It is a long and flat path that crosses the river several times and in some places is not always perfectly signposted. It is therefore best to do some research before leaving in order to decide what the most suitable starting point is for your needs (whether from Padua, from Stra, from Fusina, etc.) and find maps and advice online or in paper publications available in bookshops. Once you have defined the route to follow, the Brenta villas by bike will be a great experience for the mind and eyes! 

As you can see, the routes are many and all just as wonderful! All you have to do is make your choice, following your passions or simply picking the Timeless Villas that intrigue you the most!

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