Veneto and its treasures

An area reaching from Lake Garda to the Adriatic sea, from the mouths of the rivers Tagliamento to the Po, bordered to the North by Austria: all this is the Veneto, a land whose multifold aspects, in all senses of the term, are unparalleled throughout the Italian peninsula. An area not simply 'geographical', however, which finds its real identity in the cultural mosaic from which it is composed: from the magic of diverse climates and natural wonders, of distant historical epochs, of traditions, customs and dialects, of immortal masterpieces of art.

A true itinerary for body and soul. A land which can be visited and enjoyed at any time of the year, as each season suggests its own ideal destination. It is possible to divide this immense heritage of humanity, at the forefront of Italian tourism, into at least six areas or aspects, ways in which to know, experience and visit them. And whether to do so all together, following the harmony of its forms in one single journey, or to take each aspect one at a time, is entirely up to the visitor.

The Veneto is also this: several holidays in one single destination!