Other useful info

How to get there

Useful information to get in and move around the Veneto region with different means of transportation.

Documents required

Documents required for citizens of the European Union and non-European Union to stay in Italy.


Documents required and process of health care in Italy for tourists of the European Union and non-European Union.

Practical information

Language, currency, time zone, electricity, weights, measures and useful telephone numbers in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

Major annual festivals and the best times to plan your trip to Venice, not to forget the great events in Venice.

10 Useful tips for visiting Venice

Tips, ideas, things to do and possible problems in Venice revealed from us 'insider'!

Top 10 places to visit in Veneto

The best 10 places in Veneto that you really should visit!

Looking for unusual things to do in Veneto? Try our sustainable tourism experiences!

Original experiences to live Veneto Region in a sustainable and responsible way

Plan your trip in Veneto without any stress! In this section you will find a lot of useful information about Venice city and Veneto, services that you can easily book online before your departure, and also the Venice holiday calendar - including Venice tips for travellers on when to go to Venice, perhaps on the occasion of a great event - and the best times to appreciate the different areas of Veneto at its best.

What documents are needed for a holiday in Italy? Is the healthcare free? What transport can I use to arrive in Veneto and to travel around the region? Where can I stay and what are the best excursions? In this small guide of tourist information for Venice, Italy you will find these answers and much more to plan with safety a pleasant stay in Veneto and carefree holiday in Venice: information for tourists, tips and little tricks to discover our beautiful region with total freedom and without any problems!

Venetoinside.com wants to give you lots of Venice holiday information and to assist you step by step in planning your trip in Veneto. A holiday to remember, that you can plan in every aspect thanks to a variety of tools and useful Venice information for travellers and other parts of the region!