Practical information

On this page you can find Venice & Veneto practical information.


Practical information: language

Like the rest of the peninsula, in Veneto the Italian language is spoken. However, the region is characterized by a strong dialect of the Venetian language, spoken by almost 70% of the population (especially the elderly). In the greatest tourist attraction areas multilingual staff are almost always present.


Useful Information: Currency and prices

Currency in Italy: EUROS (€)

Price range (per person)

-Meals: cheap (€15-30); average (€30-50); high (over €50)

-Overnight stay(€50-100); average (€100-200); high (over €200).


How does a tip in Italy at a restaurant work?

The bill in bars and restaurants include a service charge, so a tip in Italian restaurants is not necessary! Although it is customary to leave something to the waiters. And remember that in Italian bars the prices increase if you consume your food or drink at a table. Taxi tips in Italy is not common practice, while the hotel porters expect a small sum: in any case, tipping in Italy.. how much is at your discretion!

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.


Practical information: phone numbers and useful Italian emergency numbers

To call a foreign country from Italy, you must dial 00 followed by the country code (for example to call Switzerland: 41), before the telephone number itself. To call Italy from abroad, you need to dial 0039 before the number.

Useful Emergency numbers Italy

The central headquarters of the various police and emergency centres are connected by a single integrated system in charge of responding to the various emergency contact numbers Italy. Below you will find a list of useful emergency phone numbers Italy for major emergencies and problems on the spot.

  • Useful numbers: 112 Police

The European Union has introduced 112 as one only number for emergency services number in Italy and in all the EU states, in order to facilitate tourists and foreign nationals in their movements within the continent. Among the many useful numbers, the police are the only ones who offer a response service in a foreign language.

  • Useful numbers: 113 State Police

Other useful emergency number of Italy: thefts, robberies, assaults, accidents and medical emergencies. Among the useful numbers, the State Police is one of the best solutions, answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Useful numbers: 115 Fire Brigade

In case of fire, smoke or gas leaks, you can also directly call the Fire Department, which also provides rapid response in case of earthquakes or other disasters.

  • Useful numbers: 118 Medical emergency number in Italy

By calling this number you will alert the health care network, and you can ask for public transport by ambulance to the nearest hospital or health centre. To reach the most inaccessible or difficult to access areas a helicopter ambulance service is also available.

  • Useful numbers: 803.116 Emergency Services

Among the useful medical emergency numbers Italy in case of an accident, sudden failure of the engine or other problems with your car, this alerts the nearest Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) office, which will send out mechanics to repair or transport the car. The service is with fee and available 24 hours a day.

  • Useful Numbers: 1515 State Forestry

This is the number for environmental emergencies of the National Forestry Guard, the agency that deals with the protection of the environment and landscape and, in particular, of the numerous fires which unfortunately develop during the summer months.

  • Useful Numbers: 1530 Italian Coast Guard

For emergencies in Italian territorial waters or in the event of a breakdown of your boat you can contact the national coast guard.


Other practical information

Health risks: None

Time zone: UTC +01:00 (+02:00 from late March to late October)

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz

Weights and measures: Metric