Looking for unusual things to do in Veneto? Try our sustainable tourism experiences!

How many times have you happened to look for ideas on particular things to do in Veneto or what to do at the weekend in Veneto without being able to find something that you felt was right for you?
We at Venetoinside want to help you in your quest, offering you our personal selection of experiences related to sustainable tourism in Veneto, away from the places generally visited by mass tourism but close to home, because sometimes you just need to travel a few kilometers to find yourself admiring places of rare beauty.
Today more than ever, we feel the need to return to everyday habits and enjoy areas close to where we live, whilst still visit new places and rediscover the pleasure of simple things and share them with those we love. On this page you will find unusual things to do in Veneto, original and suitable for everybody and also all budgets, with the aim of respecting the environment and nature, but also traditions and local inhabitants.
We want to encourage responsible tourism in Veneto as well as sustainable itineraries in Veneto as the only truly viable answer to preserve our precious environment and the artistic and cultural resources of our planet.

How can you book one of our ideas in Veneto for sustainable tourism or one of our Veneto special experiences? That’s easy! Scroll the list and choose the experience you would like to try, then contact us at info@venetoinside.com or chat with us on Facebook Messenger: our Customer Care will be happy to organize and book your experience for you, paying particular attention to any specific requests or special requirements.
All our proposals are also magical experiences that can be used as a gift!

Try one of our ideas for eco-friendly tourism in Veneto, chosen by us with great care, based on our personal experience and in-depth knowledge of the region. You'll see ... you'll want to try them all!


  • 1   A RUSH OF ADRENALINE: Canyoning, Trekking and Via Ferratas in the Dolomites


    At the height of summer, every weekend is a chance to escape the city heat and seek refuge in the mountains. A chance to get some fresh air and to climb, walk or dive in clear canyons!
    If you want an adrenalin-packed experience, canyoning is the activity for you: walk down deep valleys surrounded by mountain rocks, then dive into deep crystalline pools and let yourself slide along the toboggans. Choose among three different places, all offering the company of an expert mountain guide: the Canyon of Val Maggiore, renowned for being the most fun in the north-east; the Canyon of Val Bona, a long diving course that ends with a daring 11-metre jump; and the Canyon of Val Maor, known for the mystery that surrounds its water gullies.
    For rock climbers, we have three ferrata routes of different types and difficulties to offer: the Ferrata Barbara at the Fanes waterfalls is suitable for the whole family, followed by the famous Ferrata Alpini at Col del Bos in Conca Ampezzana and the short but intense Ferrata della Memoria which climbs the walls of the Vajont Dam.

    Departure point: Longarone/Ponte nelle AlpI
    Sustainable because... you will come into close contact with the wildest and most adrenaline-filled side of the mountains.
    Insidecom's advice: mountains are the place to escape the heavy heat of Italian cities in the summer, and they offer activities and experiences suitable for everyone, from families with children to mountaineering experts.
    Duration and tickets: from 3 to 5 hours; from €55.00 to €70.00.

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  • 2   VENICE IS NOT JUST ST MARK’S SQUARE: slow guided itineraries to discover its most authentic side


    Do you want to discover the most famous city on water in the world in an unusual, original and easy way? We have all-new routes to take you on a discovery of the true essence of Venice, an essence made of centuries-old historical elements, traditions and of the delicate balance between water and land.
    Want the chance to discover the most ancient and fascinating Venetian crafts with us? Or admire the art of gondola building? We’ll take you on a discovery of the most beautiful and authentic areas of Venice far away from the classic tourist routes and we’ll unveil all the stories and myths that hide behind every corner of this fascinating island.

    Departure point: Venice
    Sustainable because... these are all routes designed with the aim of respecting the delicate balance Venice achieved between man and nature.
    Insidecom's advice: ideal for those who have already seen Venice’s main tourist destinations and are looking for unusual itineraries far from the most crowded areas.
    Duration and tickets: from 2 to 3 hours; starting at 15.00 per person.

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  • 3   TREVISO UNDERGROUND: an 'upside down' journey through the hidden treasures of Treviso’s walls


    Treviso is one of the most beautiful cities in Veneto, rich in art and history, but not everyone knows that, under its ancient walls, a mysterious world is hidden, made of tunnels, ravines and places that have miraculously been kept intact and represent historical testimonies of great importance. With 'Treviso Underground' you will explore the wonders that are hidden in the Treviso wall system along three routes of your choice, accompanied by expert guides who will show you an original side to Treviso as 'seen from below'. You will follow an easy itinerary also suitable for children or wander along the underground tunnels and follow a fascinating flooded walkway (don’t forget your wellies!).

    Departure point: Treviso - Bastione di San Tomaso/Torrione di Santa Sofia
    Sustainable because... to enjoy this out of the ordinary experience, all you need is a good pair of wellington boots, a helmet, a flashlight and a strong adventurous spirit!
    Insidecom's advice: suitable for families and small groups of friends to spend a few hours steeped in history and enjoyment or to experience an 'out-of-the-ordinary' weekend.
    Duration and tickets: 2 to 3 hours; from €10.00 to €25.00 per person based on the number of participants.

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  • 4   VALPOLICELLA: a journey into the land of wines and flavors


    Treat yourself to a few hours of relaxing break among the vineyards and hills of Valpolicella, one of the most famous wine regions in Italy! We have chosen two different experiences to meet all budgets and expectations:

    • 'Amarone tasting': a guide will take you on board a comfortable private car/minivan to visit one of the historic cellars belonging to the 13 families of Amarone: here you will taste the entire range of Valpolicella wines, their extra virgin olive oil, all accompanied by tantalizing local produce. En-route you will stop at a not-to-be-missed viewpoint before starting the visit to the vineyards and cellars where the entire process of wine production will be explained to you.
    • Discover Valpolicella’: In a splendid estate in the heart of the lush Valpolicella area you will have the opportunity to taste the most renowned red wines of the area: Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone DOCG. Accompanied by the owners of the estate, you will visit the farmhouse, learn about their winemaking methods and walk through the enchanted vineyards.


    Departure point: Verona
    Sustainable because... you will discover the food and wine culture of Valpolicella thanks to the love and passion of families who have been hard at work for over a century to offer you unique and genuine products.
    Insidecom's advice: an unmissable experience for wine connoisseurs who want to see with their own eyes where and how it is produced.
    Duration and tickets: from 2 to 4 hours; from €52.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 5   ADRENALINE, SPORT AND FUN: Canoeing and Rafting in the River Brenta


    Dive into adventure with special river activities along the River Brenta, home to nature, beauty and adrenaline! Thanks to the rare natural morphology of the River Brenta, you can enjoy different kinds of experiences in its waters, from easier ones suitable even for beginners, to more adventurous ones that will appeal to the more daring amongst you. Here are our proposals

    • Adventure Raft - A 10 km route along the river rapids, stopping at the fascinating White Elephant Lake and, finally, a swim in the beautiful emerald waters.
    • Hydro Advanced - With your expert guide you will launch yourself down the roaring rapids of the river on a special board and using just swim fins to propel yourself.
    • Try Canoeing - Supervised by expert Qualified Canoe Masters, you will learn the main maneuvering techniques and if you feel like it, you can try your hand at a first descent of about 4 km.


    Departure point: San Nazario, Vicenza
    Sustainable because... each experience allows you to come into close contact with the pristine beauty of the River Brenta and the extraordinary energy of its waters.
    Insidecom's advice: for those looking for an adrenaline rush and fun to share with friends or family members and taking place in the hot summer months
    Duration and tickets: from 2.5 to 3.5 hours; €48.00/€60.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 6   VENETO BIKE TOUR: discover beautiful places by bike


    Veneto boasts 6500 kilometers of cycle paths fully immersed in the extraordinary beauty of this region. Thanks to the region’s peculiar landscape, there are routes for all fitness levels! Do you fancy going to the sea, a lake, crossing the hills or going to the mountains? In Veneto you’ll find this and much, much more... so saddle up!
    The Veneto coast and the islands of the Venetian lagoon hide stunning places amidst lush nature, and they are just waiting to be discovered through fascinating cycling itineraries accompanied by an expert nature guide. Here are a few: Lio Piccolo, Sant'Erasmo, the Venice Lido and the less well-known Po Delta area, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Moving to the Venetian hinterland, sport, nature, history and food & wine are the protagonists of the saddle adventures in the intellectual city of Padua or in the splendid Euganean hills ... not to forget Verona and its surroundings, offering itineraries along the shores of Lake Garda or in the sunny hills of Custoza where, after a nice ride, you can sip a nice glass of the homonymous wine. And for those who want to combine sport and relaxation, the 'Prosecco Hills' in the province of Treviso are the ideal place to mix sport and relaxation.
    Contact us to find out which itineraries are available in the area you are most interested in: we’ll plan your two-wheeled adventure! You can also decide whether to use your own bike or rent one. Electric bicycles are also available for a more peaceful trip!

    Departure point:  different locations in Veneto are available depending on the itinerary.
    Sustainable because... you can visit the Veneto region thanks to high-quality itineraries and trails whilst fully respecting the environment.
    Insidecom's advice: spend a day filled with sport, nature and relaxation.
    Duration and tickets: from 3.5 to 6 hours; for all budgets.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 7   IN THE HEART OF VENETO’S GASTRONOMIC TRADITION: lunch or dinner in a Cesarina's Home Restaurant


    Are you in Venice, Verona, Padua or any other city in the Veneto region and do you want to live an experience not as a tourist, but as a family guest? Thanks to Cesarine all this is possible! A local will be happy to open the doors of their beautiful home and share a three-course lunch or dinner with you, accompanied by local wine, drinks and coffee, cooked by an expert Cesarina who will introduce you to the best culinary traditions and their precious family recipes. What better way to discover a city than through its gastronomic specialties and the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants?
    As in a real family, you will spend a few hours in the name of conviviality and discover the area thanks to family recipes, traditions and the warm welcome of its residents.

    Departure point:  directly at the host's home.
    Sustainable because... this is the most authentic way to experience the essence of regional cuisine through truly regional recipes, local culture and genuine companionship.
    Insidecom's advice: for all those who want to savor the authentic traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation, in a genuine family environment.
    Duration and tickets: lunch or dinner€65.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 8   THE DELTA IN YOUR HEART: discovering the Po Delta onboard traditional fishing boats


    The Po Delta, in the province of Rovigo, is a place imbued with silence and quiet, where nature reigns over everything. It is a fragile ecosystem unique in the world and, for this reason, it has been enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Arcadia family offers you a special experience to fully appreciate the Po Delta: on a small flat-bottomed fishing boat, driven by one of the family fishermen, you will travel the long waterways that form the Delta, mesmerized by the scents and flavors, and you will hear and listen to the sounds of a lively and luxuriant nature and the tales of this recently formed land. And after this nice trip in the delta waters, you will sit around one of the tables of the 'Arcadia' family Osteria and savor their traditional dishes prepared with freshly caught fish.

    Departure point:  Santa Giulia, Rovigo
    Sustainable because... fishing tourism is a new sustainable way of getting to know and enjoying the Po Delta, in close contact with fishing, one of the oldest artisanal activities in the area.
    Insidecom's advice: for those who love contact with nature, good food and ancient traditions. Ideal for a trip out of town with your family or friends.
    Duration and tickets: about 3 hours; starting at €65.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 9   PROSECCO FULL IMMERSION: a visit to two cellars with tastings in the company of an expert sommelier


    A visit to the cellars of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene is a journey into the heart of the best the Veneto region can offer... you cannot miss it! Thanks to our exclusive experience, you will enjoy Stefano’s company, an expert sommelier and gastronomy. You will admire the charming hills of Treviso and visit two renowned wineries where, in a setting unique in the world, you will learn the history and production of this ‘nectar of the gods’, walking through the vineyards and enjoying the precious Prosecco Docg accompanied by tasty ‘cicchetti’ prepared exclusively with typical local products. An itinerary that will lead you to the discovery of one of the hallmarks of our region and Stefano, who has this land and its traditions close to his heart, will choose the best wineries for you and will guide you on this all-encompassing journey in the world of Prosecco and more... 

    Departure point:  Conegliano - Valdobbiadene area
    Sustainable because... you will learn about the history, life and traditions of this wonderful corner of Veneto deeply connected to nature and its precious produce.
    Insidecom's advice: an in-depth experience for wine lovers and a unique opportunity for an 'out-of-town' trip with your partner or friends.
    Duration and tickets: abound 3 hours; from €55.00 to €76.00 per person based on the number of participants.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 10   TASTING VERONA AT SUNSET: a food and wine walk between hidden corners and splendid views


    Verona is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world but have you ever visited it at sunset, admiring it from above and in the sweetest moment of the day?
    During this special food and wine walk between hidden corners and Roman streets, you will walk up to splendid panoramic terraces from which to admire the wonders of this ancient city ... a view that can only be accompanied by a good glass of local wine such as Soave, Durello della Lessinia or Amarone!
    You will stop at an ancient winery, where you will discover the excellences of our area: wines, the scented extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda and local DPO cheeses. You will end your panoramic walk at the highest point of the city, Castel San Pietro hill (which is reached via a funicular), where there will be an excellent aperitif waiting for you with local specialties.

    Departure point:  Verona
    Sustainable because... you will only rely on your feet, eyes and taste to discover the many excellences of city of Verona!
    Insidecom's advice: appealing to those who want to spend a day in the company of friends with excellent food, wine and breathtaking views. Also, those visiting Verona for the first time but also those who want to discover it in an unconventional way.
    Duration and tickets: 3 hours; €85.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 11   HORSE RIDING ON THE HILLS OF CUSTOZA: walk and wine tasting in a wine cellar


    Saddle up and ride through the lush vineyards and fruit trees of the Custoza hills! Your adventure in the Verona countryside will begin at the stables. Here, you will become familiar with the horses and you will be assigned the right horse for you. Once you’ve hopped on, you will leave for a walk of about an hour immersed in the wonders of nature and listening to the countless stories about local traditions and anecdotes. After the ride you can relax on the panoramic terrace of a family-run cellar, sipping excellent local wine accompanied by a selection of the family’s homemade cheeses and cured meat.

    Departure point: Villafranca di Verona
    Sustainable because... this experience immerses you in nature at 360 degrees: you’ll be surrounded by greenery and taste local wines and products.
    Insidecom's advice: for those who want to experience the thrill of riding a horse but also for horse-riding lovers who want to try a new route and discover the beauty of Verona’s countryside.
    Duration and tickets: approximately 4 hours; €75.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 12   A JOURNEY BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH: discovering the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona with lunch


    Madonna della Corona is a hidden treasure in a small town in the province of Verona, a perched sanctuary where what stands between heaven and earth is only rock.
    The guided walk will start from the town of Spiazzi and lead you to the sanctuary perched on the side of the mountain. You will be able to visit the interior of the church, where the silence of the bare rock which the walls are made of, will immerse yourself into the mystical atmosphere of this extraordinary place. After the visit to the sanctuary, your guide will lead you to a nearby farm affording breathtaking views of Lake Garda: a rich lunch prepared with local produce from Monte Baldo and accompanied by a good glass of wine awaits you.

    Departure point:  Spiazzi, Verona
    Sustainable because... this is still a relatively little-known destination, surrounded only by the faith and quiet of the surrounding nature.
    Insidecom's advice: an excellent destination for a trip out of town with your family or friends and to learn about the area thanks to the explanations of an expert local guide and tastings of typical produce.
    Duration and tickets: half day; €50.00 per person.

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.

  • 13   HAPPY HOUR IN LAGUNA: Sunset aperitif on a boat


    The Venetian lagoon can offer moments imbued with an enchanted atmosphere...and what could be better than a nice aperitif on a boat as the sun is setting to enjoy this magic?
    Climb aboard a comfortable boat and sail towards an unforgettable sunset! And while you sip a glass of excellent wine entertained by good music and the classic traditional cicchetti, bread and cold meats, enjoy the view of the glowing sun plunging into the red tinged sea... A new and original ‘happy hour’ experience after a beautiful day spent on the beach!

    Departure point: Treporti, Venice VE
    Sustainable because... it is an original and sustainable way of enjoying an aperitif to discover first-hand the wonderful environment of the lagoon.
    Insidecom's advice: for those who love to relax and have fun with friends and want to try a new boat experience after a nice walk on the beach or a day spent by the seaside
    Duration and tickets
    : 1 and a half hours; €35.00 per person. 

    Request further info and book at info@venetoinside.com or Facebook Messenger.