10 Useful tips for visiting Venice

Things not to be missed, problems and advice for Venice: venetoinside.com is at your disposal for its experience from insiders to help you live Venice at 360°! If you are planning your vacation, or have already organized it, but are looking for more Venice useful tips, you are on the right page: below you will find 10 things you must see and do in Venice, including Venice advice tips, issues and original ideas to get to know the city better, its inhabitants and the many other opportunities that it can offer...


  • 1 Getting to Venice

    Getting to Venice

    Getting to and around Venice are definitely points to begin with! By car or train you will directly arrive in the heart of the historical centre and, if you are wondering how to get to Venice from the airport Marco Polo, venetoinside.com offers comfortable transfers by booking online prior to departure. Travelling to the lagoon admiring Venice in the distance and gradually recognizing the profile of domes, steeples and roofs... is priceless! So one of the best tips about how to reach Venice is to book a transfer by water, also available at an affordable price thanks to the Venice Airport Shuttle, the shared taxi service airport-Venice and city centre-airport!

  • 2 The Utility of a Map

    The Utility of a Map

    The first of the tips for getting around Venice's historic centre is to bring a detailed map: the tangle of streets, bridges and canals running through it can be a real maze for those who do not know and asking passers-by often proves not to be the best solution. Of course, if you do not have a fixed itinerary, getting around Venice on foot, letting only the spirit of adventure and sense of direction guide you, is the best choice. You could reach the lesser known magical corners that you may never have discovered!

  • 3 Getting around Venice

    Getting around Venice

    In any text with getting round Venice suggestions, walking is always listed as the best way to visit Venice and to get in touch with the soul of the city. How true! However, if you do not have much time, the ferry is a great alternative. On our portal you can book tickets to get around Venice with shipping lines - the most convenient are time-limited ones, as they will allow you to travel freely on the waterbuses at a lower cost than a single ride! Getting around Venice by water bus might give you unexpected emotions. Among the top ten in Venice, Italy routes, we recommend lines 1 and 2, along the Grand Canal! However, public transport is also used by Venice’s inhabitants, workers and students... and therefore is often very crowded: if you are looking for a more tourist-friendly solution, we recommend the comfortable hop on-hop off Venice & Islands tickets on board the City Sightseeing vessels. Thanks to the many stops, near the most important attractions, you can travel around Venice, Lido and the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello independently and in complete freedom!

  • 4 A Paradise for Photographers

    A Paradise for Photographers

    Venice is a real paradise for photography lovers: art, water views, buildings and details of everyday life that seem to belong to a distant past are such a source of inspiration that we often forget the people around us! Venice is a city where many people live and/or work. If you want to take photos in some small streets or over a bridge, you will find this in the practical advice for Venice: try not to stop passers-by or you might incur the wrath of a Venetian exasperated by tourists! And if you are fond of photography, what better beginning than Venice to learn the tricks of the trade? The less-known and most peaceful areas of the historic centre could be your springboard, even better if 'driven' by a professional photographer who will provide you with all the photographing top tips for Venice and capture its unparalleled magic...

  • 5 St. Mark's Square

    St. Mark's Square

    St Mark’s Square is definitely one of the must see in Venice, but also one of the most crowded so, to visit it, be patient! To enter St Mark’s Basilica avoiding long waiting times at the entrance, we advise you to book the access service without queue managed by venetoinside.com on behalf of the Procurator of St. Mark. A truly breathtaking scenery is the one that can be enjoyed from the balcony of the Basilica, from which you can admire from above the charm of St. Mark’s Square and all the buildings that surround it. To access it you must purchase a ticket to St Mark’s Museum, included in the tour St Marks Museum and Cathedral from above by booking online or purchasing directly in loco. Among the holiday tips in Venice one must mention the Doge's Palace, one of the greatest testimonies of the power and wealth achieved by the Venice Republic. The entrance ticket to the Doge's Palace – it can be visited only by purchasing the ticket 'The Museums of St. Mark's Square' or the 'Museum Pass' - will allow you to visit the new prisons, which can be accessed by crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs. After daytime visits, if you want to appreciate St. Mark’s square in an even more magical way, among our tips for Venice tourist traps we advise you to return at dawn or late evening, when the crowd considerably thins out and the square will appear in the splendour of the 'finest living room of Europe', as described by Napoleon. Lastly, you can't miss the campanile! On our portal you can also book the ticket to access St. Mark's Bell Tower avoiding long lines at the entry.

  • 6 Experiences not to be missed

    Experiences not to be missed

    When planning a vacation in Venice, the top 10 places to visit in Venice never fail to include the classic and timeless gondola ride! The gentle rocking of the gondola and the incomparable charm of a Venice view from the water will give you the most intense moments of your holiday. Please note: on the internet some offer gondola advice Venice warning about the gondoliers, but do not worry! If some were to seem a bit strange, be patient because it's all part of the character. Anyway, to avoid unpleasant negotiations on site, we advise you book online your gondola ride in advance! Among the other not-to-be-missed experiences in Venice, we would like to suggest a few that are still not well known: a fascinating Venetian rowing lesson, to learn how to steer the typical Venetian boats along the canals of the historic center; dinner and cruise on the Venetian galleon, a boat that is perfect to relive the magic of Venice; a visit to the Querini Stampalia House Museum, an exceptional example of a noble residence of the Serenissima which houses a mixture of ancient and modern thanks to the recent refurbishments designed by Carlo Scarpa and Mario Botta; Scala Contarini del Bovolo, an original and fascinating complex, from the top of which you can enjoy splendid views over the rooftops of Venice.

  • 7 The Venetian Aperitif

    The Venetian Aperitif

    For several years now, among the most popular advice about Venice there is also that for bacaro tour. The Venetian aperitif is now universally known and various best Venice bacari tips have invaded the web. The bacari, typical Venetian restaurants, are located in every part of the city but the best ones are located near the Rialto Bridge and in the Cannaregio area: step by step you will taste delicious 'cicchetti' accompanied by a good glass of wine, or by the traditional spritz, the Venetian aperitif par excellence, which combines prosecco, Aperol or Campari and soda. And if you do proceed blindly, you can always follow our Venice bacari suggestions and book the Venetian Savors tour...

  • 8 Events in Venice

    Events in Venice

    A valid list of useful tips for Venice tourists certainly cannot skip the great annual events that the city hosts, such as the Carnival, the Art and Architecture Biennale, the Redeemer, the Venice Film Festival and the Historic Regatta: during these periods, the flow of tourists increases considerably and it is advisable to book a hotel and all the other services well in advance to avoid Venice tourism problem. Our events page will allow you to stay abreast of the most important events in Venice: exhibitions, concerts and shows not to be missed during your holiday!

  • 9 Curiosities about Venice

    Curiosities about Venice

    Venice guards in every corner beautiful works of art, churches, museums and palaces that are often not well known. If after visiting the main attractions you still have time, you should read our 'Hidden Treasures' column: you will be able to discover unknown places, including legends, mysteries and secrets of Venice and its lagoon.... And for a truly unique experience you can also plan a fully personalized private guided tour of Venice, and decide upon the itinerary with our guides, who will provide you with endless Venice tips for travelers!

  • 10 The Lagoon Islands

    The Lagoon Islands

    Among the Venice travel advice, the islands of the lagoon are often neglected, small oasis that enclose the true heart of Venice. It is possible to book one of the many organized boat tours, which usually include only the main islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello), or getting around Venice by vaporetto and the islands of the lagoon in autonomy: public transport enables to reach both the three main islands and the more mysterious San Servolo, Le Vignole and St. Lazzaro degli Armeni... Alternatively, the comfortable Venice City Sightseeing tourist boats will also allow you to reach the main islands avoiding public transport overcrowding!