Spas & Relax


The Veneto region is synonymous with relaxation and well-being: owing to its natural beauty and facilities it has quickly become a true centre for relaxation.

Veneto also signifies thermal spas: in fact it is the largest thermal basin in all of Europe, and is certainly the place where the culture of health and beauty has reached its greatest level. The services offered at our spas are in fact the most advanced you will encounter, combined with excellent cuisine, history, art and culture.



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It began with its thermal spas: the flow of mud springing from the earth which the ancient Romans knew how to exploit and use its curative properties.

Thanks to this Venetian spa culture, as well as the stunning natural beauty which provides an immediate uplift to the spectator, the culture of well-being has taken root in the region, adopting various forms, and today there are many spas and other health centres specialising in particular cures.

Tradition and innovation: notwithstanding the strong ties with history and tradition, the centres of today offer the most up-to-date technology and amenities on offer.

Cultural pursuits, excellent gastronomy and many more opportunities are also to be found close to the main health centres: the Euganean Spas, the largest thermal basin in Europe, lie close to Padua and the most beautiful medieval cities; Recoaro is close to Vicenza with its Palladian masterpieces; the spas of Caldiero are the pride of the province of Verona; the new spa of Bibione faces one of the most unpolluted seas.