Abano and Montegrotto


The Veneto also means thermal spas: in fact the largest thermal field in Europe, and unquestionably the location where the culture of health and wellbeing has reached its highest level.

The Euganean Spas are situated a few km from Padua, and comprise the comunes of Abano - the record-holding spa in Italy, and consequently among the highest-quality resorts in Europe - Montegrotto, whose fame rests with Pliny the Elder, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo. This area represents the biggest thermal spa complex in Europe, as well as the oldest.

Of particular benefit is the curative mud which is drawn from the thermal waters originating in the Dolomites, and which spouts from underground at temperatures of 87° C. In scientific terms, the phenomenon of thermal springs is the result of a particular geological process which takes the water accumulated at the foot of mountains on a journey deep within the earth (at depths of up to 3000 m), and which, owing to impermeable strata of earth, is then projected back through the surface (at temperatures of between 75 and 87° C), rich in the minerals - sodium chloride, bromium and iodine - present in the earth.

However it is not only thermal spas: many other curative treatments are on offer, such as: balneotherapy in thermal pools, curative and weight-reducing massages, inhalations, aquagymnastics, esthetic and dietary treatment, diverse sports - three excellent golf clubs exist here: at Valsanzibio di Galzignano, Frassanelle di Rovolon, and Montecchia/Selvazzano Dentro - and many more, all under the strict control of highly-qualified personnel and medical staff.

The services offered at our spa are in fact the most technologically advanced and safe in this area of tourism, and combined with excellent gastronomy, cultural attractions, and nearby places of historic, artistic and natural beauty and interest, provide a perfect holiday for the well-being of body and soul.

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